How to Create a Post in Blogger and Publish

Posts/contents are 'the soul" of a blog/site. We can say, 'A blog without posts is like a man without a soul". In this article, I will discuss how to create and publish a post in blogger.

After creating your blog on blogger or, before publishing the first post, you must follow the sequence which you will find here - Step by Step Blogger Tutorials.

Things you need to know before writing and publishing a post

You can't publish whatever you want on a blog/site. It doesn't mean, your freedom has been taken away. You can write freely. But, you have to remember a few things before you write something.


1. Your content must be unique. You can take ideas from other blogs/sites, but never copy any of them. Create your own content. Put your own thought on that topic. It's better if you can write from your personal experience.

2. Don't write on a niche/subject that people aren't interested in. Your blog niche/subject should be on that one which you are familiar with. If you are still not an expert on that subject, you can do a research. You can find blogs on the same subject. Get ideas and try to be expert on it. Now when you will create your own contents in your own words, it will be an awesome one.
3. Your aim should be to entertain people and help them. You may create a blog to make money. But, never think about money, when you write a post. You should be honest in this case. I want to say that you have to give your best effort to make good contents.

4. 10 unique and quality posts are much better than 100 low-quality posts. You don't need to work on 7 different posts in 7 days. Give the same amount of time in a single post. Publish 1 unique and high-quality post per week. It will be great for your blog.

5. Don't write on the adult topic. It will never help you in search engine ranking and you will never get Google Adsense approval.

These are also important in case of getting Google Adsense approval and also for SEO/blog's search engine ranking.


Another important thing is you have to add few things like labels, search description, etc in your posts before publishing it. I will discuss these later.

How to Create a Post in Blogger and Publish

First of all, go to your blog's dashboard.  Now, click on "Posts" from the left sidebar. Then, click on "New Post" button. The following page will appear.

Now, before doing anything, see the upper image. You can see the "Compose" button (red marked circle) on the upper left corner. Click on it. By doing it, you can compose just like MS word. You can write using HTML coding by clicking "HTML". But, you don't need that now. 

Next, you can see a brown underline marking "Post editing tools" tab. These options will help you to compose your post. 

Above this tab, there is an empty box. You have to provide your "Post Title" inside it. Below the tab, there is a big empty field. This is for your "Post body". Inside it, you have to compose your Post. 

Again, inside the blue circle, you can see "Post settings". Click on it. You must edit it before publishing your post.

When the above steps are done, you have to click on "Publish" (Marked as green) to publish the post. But, you should "Save" it first and click on "Preview" to know how your post would look like. It won't be published until you click on "Publish. But, by clicking "Save", you can save your post as a draft which you will find in "Posts" section of the dashboard.

Now, we will know about "Post settings"-

  • Labels- By this option, you can categorize your posts. As an example, I have categorized my all blogger tutorials in "Blogger Tutorials" category. So, in the label, I wrote this and clicked "Done". In the next post, you won't have to type it. It will show in label section automatically. You just have to click on it and then click "Done". If you need more than one category for a specific post, you have to separate labels by commas (see image above). 
    • Schedule- You can change your post publishing date and time here.
    • Permalink- It is the address/URL of your post. You may use Automatic Permalink. But, I recommended to edit it for SEO purpose. To do it click on "Custom Permalink". Type post title in the empty box. If your post title is too long, use main and meaningful words of it. In the image you can see, I removed "How to" portion from permalink. Each word must be separated by a "-".

      • Location- You should set your location here.

      Set post location in blogger
        • Search Description- One of the most important things is Search Description before publishing a post. When you write on Facebook, you just write and publish it. But, in blogging, you need to do some extra things. But, why? The reason is to get your post to the top of Google Search. It should be your main target. Search description is the first way to do that. But, what is it? This is a process to inform the search engine about which matters the post is. Write in 150 words about your post including words of the title (See image).

          Search description or meta tag in blogger

          • Options- Follow the image and change options as given.
          • Custom Robots Tags- Follow the image and change options as given.

            Custom Robots Tags in blogger

            After all these steps, you can "Publish' your post. After publishing a post, you can edit it anytime and then, click on "Update" (Publish button will turn into the Update button in this case). 

            How to Use Reddit to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog

            Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking sites and very popular. By using it effectively you can get thousands of visitors on your blog. It also helps you increase your online earnings (See also - Make Money through Blogging).
            [But, this tutorial is useless unless you make a blog. To get all blogger tutorials, visit- Step by Step Blogger Tutorials]

            Use Reddit to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog

            Hey wait, are you leaving my post and submitting your post on Reddit now? Don’t do it. First, read this article or it will be a great mistake just like I did when I started blogging.

            One of my friends said to me, “Use Reddit and you will get huge traffic.” I asked, “How.” He said, “Sign up there and submit your link and you will get huge traffic.” I was so happy. I did that. I started submitting my posts. But, I didn’t get much traffic. After few days, I was banned from Reddit. I was surprised. I thought that Reddit was not useful for me. But, after that, I found out the reason for my failure. Reddit is also helpful for SEO. In this article, I will tell you about How to Use Reddit to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog and my mistakes.

            Before describing “How to Use Reddit to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog”, you have to understand about few important things about Reddit.

            Up-votes, Down-votes, and Karma

            Look at the left side of a submitted link in Reddit. You can see up and down arrow. Up arrow is for up-vote and down arrow is for down-vote. When someone likes your link, he or she can express it by up-vote. When someone is disturbed of your link, he or she may give you down-vote. The voting system is also available for comments. Next thing is Karma. Karma is a point. You get this point when you will get an up-vote for your submitted link or comment. But, you will lose Karma if you get down-voted. If total karma goes below a level, your account can be banned. It may happen if you submit only your blog posts.


            Like other social bookmarking sites, you have to select a category to submit your link. But, the benefit of Reddit is they have the category for almost everything such as news, science, health, technology, iPhone, chrome etc. You may not find this feature to other sites. Reddit calls its category as subreddit.

            Stealth ban

            Reddit has a unique way to ban spammers, its called stealth ban. In this way, Reddit bans a spammer silently. It means, the user can do all works normally, but it won’t be publicly visible. For example, after submitting your link, it will be shown “submitted”, but only you can see your link in that subreddit, others can’t see it. So, your all activities will become valueless. You can check it now. First login to your Reddit account and copy your profile URL. Now log out and paste your profile URL into the address bar. If you are not banned, you can see everything is normal. But, if you are banned, it will show “page not found” and “the page you requested does not exist”

            Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, it’s the time to say you about “How to Use Reddit to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog”.

            How to Use Reddit to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog

            1. Sign Up to Reddit

            If you don’t create an account, you can’t use Reddit. So, first of all, sign up to Reddit and create an account.

            2. Share contents from other websites

            I know you are surprised. You are expecting some interesting or valuable tips in the second point of my article like sharing your own contents and getting traffic. But, no, it’s one of the most important or valuable steps. Without it, your all work is going to be spoiled. It is one of the reasons for which I failed. After creating your account, for first few days forget about your own blog when you use Reddit. Submit interesting topics from other websites and try to get more and more up-votes and build Karma. Otherwise, your account can get banned. You will not get up-votes or karma either. Submit your own links when your Karma is around 150. After you have started submitting your links, I suggest you not to submit links only from your own blog. Reddit rules say to submit a post from other sites.

            3. Read the rules of subreddits and avoid spamming

            Many users submit their links without knowing about the rules of subreddit. Reddit is a high concern about spamming. It has a spam filter which automatically filters out spam. But, don’t worry. You can prevent it. Before submitting, read the rules of subreddits where you want to submit your link because different subreddits have different rules. Also be sure that your link was submitted before by you or someone else or not. After submitting, to check whether your link is alive or not, click the “New” tab of that subreddit where you have submitted your link. If it is not there, it means, your link is caught by spam filters.

            4. Get more up-votes and make the front page of Reddit

            To get the huge traffic you need more up-votes. It helps to get your link on the front page of Reddit which is the number one goal of Reddit. For that, you need to get the first 10 up-votes for your link as quickly as possible and it will rise to the top in that "subreddit". Reddit will favor you more if you manage 100 up-votes in 1 hour. But, if it takes 10 hours, it won’t be effective. Reddit ranks newer stories higher than older stories. So, try to submit newer stories. If your link gets the highest number of up-votes in that subreddit, it will rise to the front page. Another thing is the first 10 up-votes have the same power as the next 100 up-votes which have the same power as the next 1,000. But, all these equations will not work if you get a significant amount down-votes which will also affect the rank of your link. For example, getting 120 up-votes and 10 down-votes is better than getting 1000 up-votes and 900 down-votes.

            But, how will you get more up-votes and more traffic, here are the ways-

            a. Find interesting contents and submit it

            Like I said before, find and share contents from other popular sites. If you submit your own links only, people won’t like you and think you a spammer. So, there is a high chance that you would get down-votes.  More down-votes means your account is more in trouble. Keep in mind that Reddit is created for sharing valuable information with people and which is going to help them. What I do is if I submit 5 links, 1 is from my own site. But what types of posts should you submit? Think that you are sharing information or interesting things (photos/videos) with people. Your aim is to make them happy. Share content that is funny, humorous or interesting. The best types may be videos, drawings or interviews. You can search google for this. You can share the latest science/technology news from popular sites.

            b. Give an interesting title to your link

            Reddit doesn’t allow you to put link summary like other social bookmarking sites. You can only give a title to your link. So, try to give a clear idea about your post. Also, make the title attractive or surprising. For an example, you are sharing a link about Facebook's new feature hashtag. Your title should not be “Facebook’s new feature hashtag”. But, it can be “Facebook turns the heat on Twitter with the hashtag

            c. Submit your link to a suitable subreddit

            Before choosing a subreddit, you have to think about 2 matters. One is the name of the subreddit and number of subscribers of the subreddit. Try to be more specific when you choose a subreddit. Find subreddit that is the best fit for your post. Suppose you want to submit a link about “Benefits of using Google chrome”.  You should choose chrome subreddit for it, not technology/internet. Then see the number of subscribers of that subreddit. Traffic depends on the number. If you can’t choose a perfect subreddit, it won’t be effective.

            d. Time for submitting your link

            If you submit your link when people are not active, you can not expect many up-votes. The study says that the best time for submitting your link on most social networks is before 5pm EST. Same timing is helpful for Reddit.

            e. Let people know you are active

            Try to give valuable and attractive comments to posts which have got a high number of up-votes. It will help you to drive traffic to your submitted links. It’s simple. If they love your comments, they can be curious about your posts and they can go to your links and give it an up-vote. Thus they will know about you and may follow you and give you up-vote. But, don’t do it excessively. Do it sometimes.

            5. Don’t be crazy to submit all-time

            It is another important thing. Other social bookmarking sites may allow you to submit a lot of links every day. But, Reddit won’t allow you to do so. One link is enough for a day.

            6. Don't be frustrated

            It will take time to get a good result. Your 1st 20 posts may get less amount of up-votes. But, don't be frustrated about that. Try to find out why you have failed. Keep trying and you will get success.

            7. Follow other Reddit users

            It won’t give you up-votes or traffic, but it is very helpful. What you have to do is watch what other users are doing. Especially follow users whose links are on front page. Try to understand why they have got so many up-votes or what types of posts get more up-votes. Find out what’s the difference between your title and their titles. See how they comment on a post. This will give you more knowledge and you can understand what to do next.

            Finally, I want to say that, though Reddit has strict rules, you can drive huge traffic to your blog by using it appropriately. Even it can make you happier than other social networking sites.

            (Also, you can get similar benefits using StumbleUpon in blogger. Visit this- Benefits of Using StumbleUpon in Blogging

            How to create SEO friendly blogger post title

            ‎Sunday, ‎November ‎25, ‎2018, ‏‎11:05:55 AM | (Unknown)Go to full article
            Before this method, your post will look like the following image in the google search-

            After this method, your post will look like this- 

            Maybe, you have already understood what we want to do. For a post, the post title is the first priority. But, in blogger, blog title appears before post title which is bad for SEO. So, you have to bring the post title before the blog title. This has the same or, more value than adding Meta Tag, Search description to blogger post.

            How to create SEO friendly blogger post title

            1. Sign in to blogger. Select the blog you want to edit.

            Then go to "Theme" and backup your theme to prevent any unwanted damage.

            Next click on "Edit HTML".

            2. Click once inside coded box and press CTRL+F to bring search box. Type the following code in the search box and search for it-

            Replace the above code with the below code-

            Just like this-

            3. Then click on '"Preview theme". If it takes load successfully, click on '"Save theme".

            Amazing Tips to Optimize Content for Social Media Marketing Campaign!

            Nowadays social networks are not only platforms for communication but also are full-fledged channels for doing business. Many companies like social media agency in Jeddah use social networks for SMM promotion. They create an account, catch up with subscribers, post content regularly and simulate traffic through contests attract more traffic to business pages.

            Content optimization is one of the main strategies to keep the customers engaged and let the audience know more about the product or product. In addition, it also helps to increase loyalty, attract new subscribers, increase conversion and build strong relationships among users and brand. Without a clear understanding of why and for whom to create content, you will not avail to catch more customers. creating a useful, unique, quality and relevant content will make the users obsesses to buy more products of your brand. But how to optimize such content for your SMM campaigns? 

            Don’t worry! We will show here all the effective tips from start to end: 

            Set one Clear Objective 

            Before optimizing the content for SMM, you need to measure all the possible nuances and set a clear goal for attracting more customers. Without any goal, it is impossible to evaluate the final result. These goals may be as follows: 
            • Reducing the cost of lead: Due to a positive reputation, you can spend less money on advertising. 
            • Increase recognition: Useful content will allow CA to get to know the company and the product more closely, and reduce the degree of resistance. 
            • Increase the number of clicks to the site: It will receive additional traffic, which will positively affect SEO-promotion. 
            • Learn the needs of the audience: You can understand what is interesting to readers, plus their needs and requirements. Deep knowledge of your customers will help strengthen any promotion strategy. 
            Based on the goal, performance indicators like the number of new customers, reach, a number of likes and conversions to the site are measured.

            Know the Buyer’s Persona

            Promotion through content marketing without reference to the target audience is impossible. When analysing CA, it is important to know gender and age; location; in which social networks spends more time; approximate income; what he is interested in, what he reads; what problem a product purchase can solve. By creating useful content according to the buyer’s persona, sharing it, adding comments, giving positive ratings to the content of others and involving users in your circle. A centralized content promotion scheme is applied and used in various ways, increasing consumer awareness of the brand and products of the company in search engines and social media. 

            Optimize Through Keywords 

            If your content is optimized by keywords, all users who are interested in this topic will quickly find it in the search engine. This will enhance the company's influence on social networks simply because its useful and interesting content is easy to find. Of course, when you promote content through certain channels of social networks, some customers may be so interested that they will open the original source of information. Such links can attract traffic and influence the search engine’s assessment of content as a good source of information for users. Better visibility of the content in them allows you to get not only marketing advantages. Meanwhile, the experts of social media marketing in Kuwait provide all the valuable services and result to their clients. 

            Choose the Type & Topics of Publications 

            After studying the target audience and competitors, it is beneficial to add something useful and interesting content for potential customers. It is important to constantly experiment and analyse the reaction of readers in order to offer the latest. To keep the attention of customers, publications must be diverse and have a different focus. 

            Educational Content 

            It should be half or more. The purpose of this material is to educate the user and show their expertise. Posts should be related to the brand, and not be about everything in the world. 

            Entertaining Content 

            It should be approximately 30% of the number of publications. In the social network, people mostly go for entertainment. As part of the entertainment material, games, questionnaires and interactive games can be offered. This increases activity in the group and invigorates the participants. The main thing is to post high-quality photos, videos, and gifs. 

            Branded Content 

            Such material should be about 10%. As part of such content, you can publish information about the product, company, promotions, and discounts. The result is a list of categories like posts in the format of “How”, company's news, humor (memes, gifs, etc.), Feedback, cases, contests, infographics, master classes, etc. The post template should be decorated in a corporate style. Visual appeal is especially important for Instagram. 

            Smart Tape 

            With the advent of smart tape, material quality has become a priority. For as many users as possible to see posts, they must be original; with a large number of likes, reposts and comments; accompanied by a high-quality image or video. All these features are extremely important for content marketing on social networks. The material for each network should be different. The post receives good coverage at one site, and almost no one sees it at another. 

            Gather All Information Into a Content Marketing Strategy 

            To see where to go, you need to know the direction. Therefore, the information obtained must be gathered together. In addition to the general promotion strategy, you need to draw up a content plan. In the content plan, you cannot only write the topic of the post, but also the expected reaction. You can also add cells to measure readers' reactions. The output frequency may also be different. But the general rule for business accounts is publications per day. 


            Content marketing on social networks is a time-consuming promotion method. But with a skillful approach, your business will begin to make a profit. In addition, you need to regularly monitor mentions on social networks, thoughtful content marketing, and search engine optimization so that your target audience can evaluate your efforts. The social media marketing in Saudi Arabia is available at a reasonable price and provide effective results and benefit to a business. 

            ‘5’ Reasons: Why Video Production is Best for your Business?

            In recent years, video production becomes an essential and important element for business. With the availability of new updates, many advertising companies in Kuwait is creating the videos for promoting their brand, products and services in the market. This is one of the most-effective strategies to attract the audience, increase sales, and build better customer relationship. Video content greatly and progressively achieving new heights and spread an effective brand message around the corners.

            The more qualitative videos you made, the more likely the user will get attracted. This is a more effective digital marketing tool which will increase your business ROI. However, here are the following reasons why video production is best for your business: 

            Increases Conversion and Sales 

            According to statistics, 85% of people are more likely to buy products if there is a video on the page. Selling products through videos will help the novice businessmen keep track of website visitors who will later become their customers. One production can change the fate of your company, helping recipients better understand your product and services. You can use this medium to inform, train, explain problems, manage your reputation; Collaborate with customers, offer suggestions, and all these actions will increase conversion. 

            Build Customer Loyalty 

            The modern consumer is very well informed and, making a choice, conducts research among his/her favourite brands. Now Internet users have a small range and come close to the content that is direct to the point. If you cannot find any visual content on your website, blog, YouTube channel, or search results page (SERP), you simply lost some activity. These video productions help to build trust and also create an emotional relationship with potential customers. Therefore, build a solid foundation for your relationship with the clients, helping them to solve difficulties over and over again. This way they will buy more products and services of your brand. Create educational videos, entertaining content, and alternate them with sales videos. 

            Increase Brand Awareness 

            More and more companies are using social networks to make as many people as possible aware of them. They add pictures and videos to interest their subscribers. Therefore, the more you share your product on social network channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, the more popularity and reputation of your brand will increase. Post the videos will relevant and useful content and effective keyword in it. It will easily engage the users to watch and know about your brand more. YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world. A qualitative and informative video will collect more likes, reposts and comments compared to text and photos. This means that if you publish videos, you often flash your subscribers in the news feed. They will most likely remember you and read about your business. The experts of video production in Bahrain and Riyadh provide their services at an affordable price and engage the users effectively towards business. 

            Better Ranked in Search Result Pages 

            Sites with numerous pages of boring text are poorly ranked in search results pages, which means fewer people know about them. In addition, a huge amount of text discourages buyers who want to quickly find out about products and purchase them here and now. In most cases, an average person needs less than one minute to make a purchasing decision. And the selling video will help them with this. The text is always ambiguous because different people interpret it differently. And video easily solves this problem, explaining the principle of the product or service. People better absorb information when they see and hear the one who explains them. A sales video builds like a channel through which you interact with your potential customers. 

            Attract the Attention of Potential Customers 

            Posting video content with the necessary information and qualitative visual elements will draw the attention of customers. The more customers will view your video content, the more sales will increase, and further, high revenue and ROI will generate. Therefore, it is necessary to create a highly-qualitative video with more engaging content. Moreover, you can also add emoji’s in the content to show the reactions. Make sure the video content is useful and interesting for the customers.  

            Bottom Line 

            The above-mentioned reasons show that why it is important to hire the advertising agencies in Saudi Arabia for increasing the business sales. The video production marketing tool of these companies provide a high return on investment, increases the site’s position on SERP servers, improves brand visibility and brand awareness, increases interest, improves user interaction and generally tells more about its history. So, experiment with different types of videos, promote them on social networks and analyze the results. 

            How To Boost The Organic Reach Through Facebook Posting (9 Ways)?

            Facebook's smart tape algorithms are developing in leaps and bounds, and users are increasingly seeing content that is truly relevant to their interests. Every business wants to increase its Facebook followers from tens to millions in order to increase its sales. But how’s that possible? 
            social media companies in riyadh
            By using the appropriate Facebook strategies, you can easily reach your target market and build the right connections. These strategies include video content, live broadcasts, posting time, use tags correctly, etc. It helps marketers keep in touch with their customers and attract new visitors. Many companies of social media marketing in Kuwait are offering their services regarding Facebook organic reach at affordable price However, here we will explain these strategies in detail that will help to boost organic reach:

            Publish Quality Videos & Live Broadcasts 

            Research conducted by Facebook has shown that posting your own videos can help achieve higher coverage. Try to create videos that can capture the attention of users. For this, provide the most useful and convincing information in the first 5 seconds. Therefore, shoot entertaining and educational corporate videos. Remember the importance of their quality, duration and content. Most of the video content due to the default settings are played without sound. Therefore, add clear and understandable subtitles to make it easier to watch the video.
            Do not forget about the possibility of live broadcasts. To do this, use the built-in “Create broadcast” function or the Facebook Live mobile platform. With the help of broadcasts, you can connect with the audience, get to know it better and learn new ideas for future posts. You need to focus on user communication in order to increase organic coverage.

            Make use of Visual Marketing 

            Facebook posts receive 2 times more responses than text messages, if you make them colourful with an unusual presentation, telling the story, and connect with the audience on an emotional level. As a marketer, you need to use the power of photos, GIFs, infographics, animation, and other attractive materials while posting on Facebook. Telling your story through visual marketing is an effective approach to communicate with your audience and spreading your brand’ message among them. There are so many ways to use visual marketing like create branded quote image and write tips of your blog post in the form of infographics.

            Use HashTags Correctly 

            Hashtags are definitely awesome ways to get your content discovered. This is especially useful to do in groups where content is divided by topic. So that subscribers can quickly find the information they need by the corresponding marks. if you are looking to brand your content and posts, then create a hashtag that represents that topic and uses it whenever relevant. They can be used as a tool to track the popularity of a business in order to have an idea of how many subscribers are discussing a brand. When it comes writing hashtag, make use of the phrase, capitalize the first letter of each word, and avoid using spaces or punctuation.

            Use Chatbot 

            Chatbots can perform many functions. In addition to communication, they can recommend a post in question, conduct a simple dialogue and be a navigator in your Facebook group. Accordingly, you will get more views, likes, reposts, and, of course, more feedback. The experts of social media marketing in Bahrain are using this strategy to increase organic reach through Facebook.

            Be Consistent about your Posting Time 

            The exact time of placement is of great importance for reaching the audience on Facebook. One of the effective methods to determine the best publication period is the time analysis of views. Posting your content at peak times when people are online is the best way to reach the audience. But at the same time, the competition among the pages for the top places in the news feed also increases.
            Therefore, this will require a thorough analysis of the information at which period your publications receive the highest response. Everything will depend on your target audience. If the main part of the subscribers is schoolchildren, then they will actively hang out on Facebook after the lessons in the afternoon. If your content is designed for office workers, the best time is the end of the working day.

            Turn on The Call-to-Action 

            By using the call-to-action button, you will directly attract the audience towards your brand. Engaging the audience through such messages like “fill in the form and get a promotional code" or "book now to take the most comfortable seats in the hall” will encourage the subscribers to more actively performing targeted actions. These buttons also allow the customers to make a direct purchase of your product or services. It also helps to boost the organic reach. 

            Hold Contests 

            Running contests like “Give a Name” or “Get Awesome Prize” create a continuous stream of comments that increase your viral coverage. By running various contests and posting relevant information regarding these will help to promote your business. When customers will see such engaging contests on your business pages, they will get attracted and show their participation in these. At this time, you can offer quality and branded gifts or prizes to the winner. As a reward, choose something interesting or useful to your fans, relevant to the topic of your community. 

            Reply to Comments 

            The numbers of users are using Facebook. To support and grow a community, you need to listen to them and respond to them also. On the Facebook page, you can customize the response to the comment on the chain and respond to a specific user. The user receives a notification of the answer and this will force him/her to visit your page again, which will help increase the number of visits, thereby developing the community.

            Republish your Top Posts 

            Take time to promote your blog posts. Use quotes from articles, photos to posts, create graphics for repost old messages. Sharing articles has a double effect - it builds connections with the audience and informs subscribers about the existence of a blog. If the content is high quality, it will be useful to followers and other pages in your niche. Therefore, it is necessary to repost your evergreen content that is relevant and useful to your fans. It will not consistently drive traffic to your website, but continue to build thought leadership in your niche.

            At Last! 

            Follow these tips systematically, and the results will not be too far in coming. And to make the effect even better, consult with our promotion specialists of social media marketing agency in Saudi Arabia for advice. We will describe in more detail how exactly to use the methods of increasing engagement so that they bring the maximum result. 

            AngularJs: A Perfect Fit For Mobile Apps!

            With the rise of venture interest and requirements, AngularJs framework has become a breakthrough in the world of applications. The evolution of mobile applications replaces the traditional method of browsing. Therefore, it is necessary to create a good quality of applications with the help of using Ionic and AngularJs framework. 

            Developed by Google, AngularJs is an open-source system that is supported by a very advanced JavaScript framework and influences HTML. It greatly helps in accumulating data and also helps to keep developers at bay from adding extra source code in order to maintain the overall code integrity. With the availability of comfort, speed, performance, adaptability or rationality, this structure has completely captured the developers and does not weaken the grip.  
            Therefore, many web development companies in Bahrain has adopted this technique to make their mark on the market. Considering the above, we present important reasons why AngularJs is perfect for mobile applications:  

            Declaration with Code 

            AngularJs is Declarative paradigm which is used for the creation of patterns. It makes the code easier to learn and also it makes the code more lightweight. It simply indicates and describes the necessary codes and results and does not explain and describe every element with the implementation of this code styling. 

            MVC Pattern 

            MVC defined as Model-View-Controller, which is used by the AngularJs for the development of web applications. This system combines the unique composite programming setting MVC, but not in accordance with the built-in criteria. In many cases, developers must break the application down into isolated MVC segments, and then develop core code to merge them. But, doing it with AngularJs is easy. in this, you just need to isolate the application, and then it will take care of itself. The model maintains the data, View display the data, and Controller establish a connection between the Model and the View. 

            Effective Data Binding 

            The bidirectional information is a worthy component in AngularJs. In this, if any changes you make to the user interface, then it will affect objects of the application and vice versa. When there is a change in the module or action of the user on the page, it naturally updates imperative patterns. In addition, you should stay away from uncomfortable storage for connections to DOM components and take control of them right away. The result can be provided with detailed display conditions, without participation in low-level development. 

            POJO Data Models 

            The information models in AngularJs are POJOs (regular old JavaScript objects), which means you do not need to worry about any additional getter and setter components to bind AngularJs to existing sources of information. This benefits code that is free of standards and authority to test, maintain and reuse effortlessly. AngularJs models are very different from old-fashioned information models and rely on controllers to supply the necessary information. With the help of POJO, addition and removal of properties can also be done. 

            Full User Interface Support 

            AngularJs uses HTML code to display the user interface of an application. HTML allows you to declare which controllers should be used for a specific component of the user interface. It will allow you to better focus on the appearance of the user interface of the application. AngularJs can be browsed by both mobile and desktop making it more user-friendly. 

            Simple Testing 

            AngularJs module sections that can be easily controlled are specific parts of the application. Using the modular section, you improve quality by overlaying only the important controls, and thus easily perform the programmed testing.

            Superuser Experience 

            AngularJs makes the app more attractive to a group of viewers. Visual-force pages are made to make the user interface good and achieve the goal of making the app stylish and even more attractive. To simplify everything, and make embedded libraries, segments and modules available in the system, which speeds up the progress and improves the visual appeal of the application. 

            Ready-made solutions 

            The ready-made modules of the AngularJs help the developers in solving problems. In case of AngularJs, applications of varied structures can be created. In addition, hybrid applications can also be created with the help of AngularJs. Since Angular does not limit you to a specific structure, you are allowed to create applications with an alternative structure. In addition, there is an alternative to using this system to create crossover applications.

            Wrap Up! 

            Angular's is the most effective and powerful stage for designers. If you want to speed up the process, then choose the AngularJs framework. This multi-functional structure is an ideal approach to creating applications in which information and presentation are recognized in accordance with the MVC design. The experts of web development companies in Saudi Arabia are highly experienced who build an effective mobile application with the right development tool like AngularJs.  

            10 Best WordPress Themes for Web Agencies and SEO Companies

            SEO services in Saudi Arabia are in great demand. As a matter of fact, Web agencies and SEO companies use WordPress websites to advertise their services, increase awareness of the brand, and get more business opportunities. An attractive, fast-loading, responsive and high-performing WordPress website helps a digital marketing company to meet its ambitious business objectives. For this, they need to choose high-quality WordPress themes. Whether you are creating a new marketing blog, a new website for an advertising agency or SEO company, this collection of the top 10 best WordPress theme is fruitful for you. Let’s have a look. 

            1. Grant

            This theme has a chic design with three main options for the main page, the “About Us”, “Services” and “Portfolio” pages. There is a page with contact details, a form and a map so that your customers can easily find you. It allows customers to find you easily. 

            You can create corporate and professional websites with this theme. On the main page, there is a slider and a handy header with contact details for fast connection and icons with links to profiles on social networking websites. There are several beautiful icons and cool elements of infographics which allows you to demonstrate experience and skills in your field. The theme has a bloc for presenting company employees with links to social profiles. A blog, a block of reviews, a logo slider are a nice addition to this theme. Use this theme if you really want your business to grow and move forward.

            2. The7

            It is an ideal theme for creating all types of websites. With the help of the Visual Composer tool and its add-ons, you can build your dream site in minutes. You get 750 customizable options. It allows you to easily design and create unique websites with 26+ sites with demo content. You can use e sliders' plugins and the Convert Plug plugin to attract customers through pop-up windows, forms, social buttons and widgets and increase conversion. The theme supports the portfolio, photo galleries, Reviews", "Team", "Benefits" and other sections. 

            3. Stag

            It is a modern theme with a creative design that supports several demo websites. It contains ready-made layouts for portfolio and blog. The theme comes with three premium plug-ins: Visual Composer (for manual development), Slider Revolution (for the slider) and Templatera Addon (for controlling the template). Also, apart from the builder, there are 21 objects designed especially for this theme. To make your website more attractive, you can use the parallax effect and CSS3 animation for the background. The theme is coded in accordance with the SEO parameters and supports popular SEO plugins. It also has beautiful contact forms with numerous fields.

            4. Ample 

            It is a Light, feature-rich and versatile theme for all SEO companies and web agencies. It offers a number of useful features and options that you can use to create awesome websites. There are a business template and custom widgets designed specifically so that your website stands out of crowd and look professional. Furthermore, services and portfolio tools allow you to highlight your web design and development skills easily. It is compatible with WooCommerce. You can use several customization options to customise your website and make it stand out from the crowd. It allows you to add your own Custom CSS to the website. 

            5. Optimize

            It is a nice theme for digital marketing, SEO and social media marketing agencies and freelancers' websites. For many companies, the home page is dedicated to offering search engine optimization related services. As you would expect from a WordPress theme designed for optimized marketing and search engine optimization agencies, the theme supports almost all WordPress SEO plugins. With its help, you can turn your website into an effective lead generation machine. It comes with a selection of good page templates that help you to publish case studies and other content. You can use these materials to explain how you work and what you can do for your customers.

            6. Fortuna 

            Fortuna is a versatile WordPress theme for creating high-performing websites for digital agencies and companies. This theme is a great option for you if you want your homepage to have a really positive impact on site visitors. With this theme, you will be able to add a full-screen slideshow to your homepage. Using a striking image and some carefully crafted words, you can make your website unique and increase chances to turn punctual visitors into customers or premium subscribers. The theme also has animated effects, well-placed images, exclusive plug-ins, demo content, layout templates, etc. Use all these elements to make your site more appealing to users. 

            7. SEO WP

            SEO WP is a WordPress theme designed for SEO professionals, freelancers and companies. You can customize the home page to meet your specific needs for websites. It perfectly reflects your business on the site. Many configuration options allow you to create amazing websites. The plugin comes with the Visual Composer plug-in to help give your website a unique design. This tool allows you to go far beyond what is currently possible with the traditional page editor of WordPress. With the theme, you can create impressive layouts for your content and attract visitor’s attention. 

            8. Haswell

            Haswell is a WordPress theme that focuses on making your visitors get a very positive and memorable browsing experience. Although all the WordPress themes presented here are fully mobile and responsive, there are different ways to implement it with the Haswell WordPress theme. Always keep in mind that it performs really well, including easy-to-use mobile menus, not to mention well-defined breakpoints for specific screen size ranges. With this theme, you can also have access to the most popular features of WordPress. The theme is packed with several features including several pre-created layouts, eCommerce add-ons, video backgrounds, many header layouts, etc. 

            9. Marketplus 

            Marketplus is a modern WordPress theme with many pre-built demo templates and layouts that can be combined to make websites look more appealing. Because of the excellent design of the Marketplace home page, presentation of your sales points will not be a problem. You can easily customize the theme to make your site look better. It also includes a OnePage-style home page layout that provides an easy way to sell your services and convert potential visitors. To help you with this customization process, the theme comes with the Visual Composer plug-in. It helps to save your money and provides a powerful tool for personalizing your WordPress theme. You also get the premium add-on Revolution. slider.

            10. SEO Business

            SEO Business is a good WordPress theme for an internet marketing agency that helps you easily build a professional website. You can use the OneClick Content Import Tool to fill your website with content and add your own text and images later on. You can also make additional changes to your website. With this theme, it becomes easier to personalise your website and get more business opportunities and leads every day. Other key features of this theme can help you build a professional marketing site including a library of content templates, a handy shortcode item selection, a portfolio and a complete project editor, and two powerful add-ons.

            Final Words

            Whether you are creating a website for a marketing agency or promoting your internet marketing services with the help of SEO Company In Kuwait this collection of various WordPress themes will give you lots of inspiration and options. These themes are multipurpose templates that come with a variety of demos covering a wide range of uses. They carefully help you increase the profitability of your business by reaching a large number of visitors easily. Consult Web Design Company in Bahrain to have a great WordPress website for your firm and excel in digital marketing services. Best of Luck!

            7 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tactics To Increase Website Traffic And Leads

            In today's digital age, building a strong social media presence is crucial for the success of your business. If you remain indifferent to the use of social media, it can hinder the overall business growth along with your marketing goals. That is why companies use social media marketing to increase your business's branding and marketing efforts & successfully achieve tangible results. Spreading your message different social platforms can be time-consuming if your target customers don't know or care about you. So, how to launch social media marketing campaigns that can help you to get lots of traffic and create leads one after another? Let’s find out. 

            1. Share Useful Content on Social Networking Websites

            When you publish content on your website, it takes time to get it ranked in the top search results of Google and other search engines. These days, entrepreneurs don’t want to wait long for results. They want instant results. Setting a timetable for this puts a significant impact on increasing your loyal visitors and traffic. 

            To get instant traffic and generate business opportunities, create social media profiles on different social media channels. Share useful content from your website on different social media platforms. You can also use personal profiles to share website content. Encourage social media fans and followers to like, share, and comment on your posts. The more engagement you have on your posts, the more business opportunities are likely to flow towards you. 

            Don't expect your audience to look for a share button on the site or blog. When they like content enough to share on social media, you should at least give them a little nudge in that direction. At first, add social sharing buttons to your website. Ensure that your posts are always interesting and informing your followers. So, keep the information in line with your products and services. Join hands with social media marketing Kuwait and launch SMM campaigns in a systematic manner to get the desired results. 

            2. Share Image and Video Content on Social Networking Websites

            The majority of young social media users are not interested in reading boring text content. They prefer image and video content. To be honest, image and video advertising materials make it easier for people to understand the main message of the content and make decisions accordingly. So, create a useful image and video content and share them on different social media channels. This will help to increase website traffic and lead generation opportunities. 

            3. Add CTA Buttons With Shared Content

            The main point of social media marketing is to turn your followers into premium customers. Therefore, the more people you reach on social media, the more business opportunities are likely to come to you sooner or later. Sharing content to social media websites is not enough. You need to direct your followers to click on your content with a CTA (Call To Action) message. 

            In case of the absence of a CTA button, your followers will not interact with the shared content. You may also lose your existing customers. If you post interesting content, your followers are more likely to share clicks and buy the advertised products and services. Whenever you share useful content on social media channels, never forget to attach CTA buttons. 

            4. Answer Your Fans and Followers

            A common mistake that businesses make when creating their social media accounts is that they are slow to respond to potential customers. On the other hand, customers want to feel that they are talking to someone who cares about their concerns, questions and business. If you don’t reply to them in a timely fashion, they will not participate in the lead generation campaign, which affects your sales and revenues. To generate sales on a larger scale, it is important to approach customers on a personal level. If you are a small business owner, you can personally respond to customer requests. If you own a larger company, invest in a good chatbot system that can handle customer queries in a professional and personalized way.

            5. Work On issued Escalated By Negative Comments

            Whatever you do, there will always be people who provide negative feedback and remarks. Many companies decide to ignore it, but you should not even a little but. Instead, you must accept the criticism and respond carefully because silence does not provide a solution. If you receive negative feedback on your post, thank the person pointing out their problem and handle the issue in a professional manner. Responding to negative comments gives you an opportunity to be transparent with your followers and customers and pave the way for instant or future lead generation opportunities. You can use Social Media Marketing Saudi Arabia to launch SMM campaigns in a professional manner and handle negative remarks from customers. 

            6. Sell Through Social Media Live Streaming

            These days, large social networks are enriching live streaming options to generate revenue and strengthen support for social media users. You should also notice that major social networks have recently developed new features and products for live broadcasts. In recent years, live broadcast applications and videos are among the most popular content on social networks because people don't like to read long articles and prefer to access information with videos taken on every subject. 

            So, videos help you to generate revenue and strengthen support for social media users around the world. But why users prefer live broadcasts instead of watching high-quality videos? The answer is quite simple: sincerity, warmth, and naturalness are more prominent in live broadcast videos. Excitement and adrenaline come as a bonus. So, conduct live streaming on different social media channels, communicate with the audience from time-to-time and sell products and services in real-time. 

            7. Run Premium Social Media Advertising Campaigns 

            Social media advertising is all kinds of advertising activities made on different social networking websites. As the number of individuals using the internet and social media platforms is increasing day by day, business organisations take part in premium social media advertising campaigns to announce their brands to large audiences. With this move, they aim to reach more customers and generate leads/sales. 

            Determine the social media platform to use premium SMM campaigns and use compelling quality videos and images in your ads. You can enhance your interaction with a powerful communication language by sharing understandable and original content. Regular sharing of informative content is also an important issue in social media advertising. With ad campaigns on social media, it becomes easier to measure their interaction with users by tracking them and boost sales. 

            Final Words

            Social Media Marketing aims to reach the most people in a short time, create a database of interested customers, and generate leads and sales. It is a type of advertising that aims to reach the most people in a short time. People, companies and websites are now spending all their budgets for social media marketing to promote products and services. Social Media Marketing Bahrain is a great helping hand in your efforts to promote brands on different social media channels and take your business to the next level. Best of Luck!