My MOFET Webinar on Using the iPad in Elementary and Secondary Education

Taken during the MOFET webinar.
Today, I had the privilege to give a webinar for the MOFET Institite on Using the iPad in Elementary and Secondary Education. This is the second installment of a four part summer seminar MOFET is running for teachers on Technology in Education: A variety of applications at the teacher's disposal. I found the experience to be uplifting. I even had one student who was also attending #JedLab's trailblazing RealSchool Summer Sandbox, which I could not go to for personal reasons, create her own "blended learning" experience by participating in my webinar while at the sandbox. You can view the picture she tweeted here.
I have blogged in the past on why, despite the limitations of the synchronous online learning space, I find these presentations to be so energizing. For this webinar, I tried a few new tricks to increase the interactivity of the experience.
  1. Since my topic was iPads, I did a lot of screen sharing using my iPad screen. This is not so easy to accomplish since the Elluminate platform, that was used for the webinar, does not work on an iPad. I used a free computer app called Reflector to mirror my iPad screen on the computer using the iPad Airplay feature and then used screensharing to share the application from my computer to the webinar. It worked very well and I believe that it greatly enhanced to the overall experience.
  2. I asked participants to use their iPads or iPhones during the webinar in addition to their computers and gained real time feedback using Socrative and Nearpod. It was pretty cool to see how each of these apps can not only be used for real-time feedback in the classroom but can connect iPads from around the world into a virtual classroom.
  3. I used Tammy Worcester's Email to Blog trick. I created a blog especially for the presentation, Using the iPad in Elementary and Secondary Education and in the settings to blogger set up an mail to blogger email address, During the presentation, this email was set up to automatically post on the blog. (Now I have it set up to post as a Draft so I can pre-moderate all postings.) I then asked participants to share something about themselves and something they would like to learn more about iPads. You can see the results here and if you want, you can even email your own ideas to be posted on the blog.
Below is the presentation that I created for the webinar using Haiku Deck, a free and pretty amazing iPad app. I have also included links to install all of the apps featured in the presentation. I have already blogged about some of these apps in the past. For example, you can read about Evernote and Skitch, and watch videos about Haiku Deck here and here. I am in the middle of composing a blog post on the Top Ten iPad Apps that I learned more about at ISTE13 which will elaborate on more of the apps listed below.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad
Here are links to download all of the apps featured in this presentation:

Please add your own favorite iPad apps in the comments to this posting.