Crowdsourcing Notes for #ISTE2015 attendees and for #NOTATISTE15

The ISTE 2015 Conference begins tomorrow and once again I am crowdsourcing notes with help from Sue Waters and the #NOTATISTE crowd. I hope this will server a dual purpose, benefitting conference attendees who cannot attend a session due to the packed schedule and those who are not at ISTE this year but are following the conference virtually. Please help by contributing to this shared document and publicizing it to your friends and followers on social media.

To do this, take notes at an ISTE lecture, session, or workshop using the digital platform you are most comfortable with like Evernote, OneNote, or Google Docs, and then post a public link of your notes together with a description of the session to the spreadsheet below which can be edited by anyone using the following link: 

I am looking forward to watching this sheet fill up with your take on many of the fascinating experiences that ISTE has to offer.