Hone Your Teaching Craft Through Online Courses from MOFET International

The new school year always hits me like a giant wave. I feel like my only hope to is to ride the wave as I am inundated with the so many things requiring my attention and so many teachers and students needing assistance to get everyone started with the key technology systems we have in place to support learning. This year we also have an exciting, brand new 21st century learning space thanks to a generous gift from the Smedra family which I am overseeing and 3D printers which require setup which has added to my already busy schedule.

I don't mean this all as an excuse but as an explanation for why I have not blogged recently. My last post was the 11th in a series on 15 Educational Apps in 15 Days. I hope to get back to this series soon. (I never said these apps would be posted in 15 CONSECUTIVE days. ;)

In the meantime, I would like to share with you some wonderful online learning opportunities through the MOFET Institute. MOFET which is based in Israel offers online courses in English on the Educational Use of Information and Communication Technologies as well as enrichment courses in teaching Jewish Studies. Full disclosure, I teach a course in each of these programs on Using Web 2.0 Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning and on Using Technology to Teach Talmud and Tora​h She’Baal Peh.

What I find to be most rewarding about these courses is the incredible diversity of the students. I have had students from 6 continents, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America and from various cultural and religious backgrounds. This diversity creates a rich discussion and fruitful sharing which would not be possible in a conventional course in a brick and mortar school. I welcome you to enroll in one of these courses.

The Fall Semester begins on October 18, 2015 so there is still time to register. For more information about MOFET's various course offerings email Dr. Aryeh Ben Chayim, the Coordinator of MOFET, or click on the flyers below.

Click on the flyer above for more information about the MOFET ICT Courses

Click on the flyer above for more information about the MOFET Enrichment Courses in Teaching Jewish Studies