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Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Massive Usefulness of Storage Pallets

Storage pallets are one of the important inventions of the 20th century. Since Second World war, there have been extensive use of this tertiary packaging system. Basically, pallet is a flat platform made of wood or metal which is used for the stacking of goods on top of it. These platforms are widely used in the warehouses, manufacturing units, retailing units and other storage and distribution-based centers. The storage density increases to a large extent with the use of these kinds of storage units. The goods stored on the pallets get lifted and moved with the help of a forklift truck.

Storage Pallets
Storage Pallets

Types of Pallets:

Storage pallets can improve the productivity of your business by increasing the total storage space of your warehouse. There are various kinds of pallets available in the market for serving the purpose of storage. Though deciding on what kind of storage pallets you need can be baffling as there is ample of choice. Based on price and application, the right selection can be made. Now we will talk about the types of pallet racking –
  • Cantilever Pallet Racking - Cantilever pallet racking is used to store long and bulky framed items. It is designed in such a way that fits for the purpose.
  • Selective pallet racking - It is very commonly used pallet racking as it can be installed very easily. The load beams on these storage pallets provide an added support for bearing the load.
  • Push back pallet racking - As the name suggests, this pallet racking have a structural form or roll form to store multiple high-density products.
  • Drive-in pallet racking - The floor space of a warehouse is utilized to an utmost level in case of the drive-in pallet racking. Less number of aisles are used; therefore, it is pretty much cost effective.
  • Pallet flow pallet racking - This racking system has multiple order picking levels. They are apt for high density storage of stuffs. It is also known as gravity flow racks.
  • Carton flow pallet racking - This storage pallets use rear load design; thus, they are operated smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of Storage Pallets:

Pallets acting as a base for loading various stuffs have many benefits:
  1. Quick Movement of Products - The palletized products are easy to move, and it takes less time. Thus, the operational efficiency of the transportation system gets boosted.
  2. Lesser Risk of Goods Damage - Since the palletized goods require less labor so manual handling also becomes less. The risks of worker injury as well as the risk of product damage gets drastically reduced.
  3. Efficient Storage - The products which are stored in standard sized pallets, can be stored in the warehouses much more efficiently and thus the movement of the products also become hassle-free.
  4. Customer Satisfaction - Sometimes it has been noticed that the customers prefer to receive the stuffs in storage pallets.
  5. Easy to Handle - Pallets are much easier to manage with material handling. As the other forms of goods loading bases like slip sheets are not easy to handle since they require specialized equipment.
  6. Drainage and Circulation of Products - Some of the products require drainage and circulation to remain fresh. Thus, the storage pallets serve this purpose very well.
As per your need and budget you can select the right kind of storage pallets for your workplace. With right kind is meant the kind that fulfills your purpose well. The basic approaches to palletization like manual palletization, and automated palletization is also worth considering before buying.

Conclusion – Storage pallets are effective as well as cost effective commodities that can be availed easily from the online as well as store suppliers. You just need to do your homework before making your pick.

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