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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The Future of Leak Detection Plumbing

Open a tap in your house and you get a stream of fresh water flowing from it. But have you ever thought of the efforts that the water engineers of your city put into it to ensure this uninterrupted supply of water? Do you know that even a small leak in the thousands of meters of pipework can reduce the water pressure? Well, this does not happen because these engineers start their day in the office with a look at the screen. Yes, the screen and not the pipes.

The city plumbing system is automated and the future of it is, even more, promising with the modern techniques implemented in leak detection plumbing. Getting timely plumbing service will save you and your family from emergency plumbing problems and there will be no bacteria and garbage stuck in the pipes. If your plumbing system is timely maintaining and repair by you then you will get a good to resell value of your home.

Plumbing Services
Plumbing Services

Big Data and Cloud Computing

The future of water supply management will see the use of Big Data and Cloud Computing. This specific type of technology used in leak detection plumbing management also has several other application areas such as:
  • A large number of sensors
  • The collection of data
  • Measurement of the data and the relevant information
  • Processing and analyzing intelligent algorithms and much more.
Ideally, Big Data and Cloud Computing process is not anymore a tool to collect personal data but is also very effective in collecting as well as processing sensor information.

The Pros

The advantages of using such processes and technology in leak detection plumbing services and its management are pretty obvious.
  • It allows complete and automatic monitoring
  • All relevant results are quickly available
  • These are available in a pre-processed form.
This result is fast action and automatic alarms reduce the risks of damage caused to the infrastructure and people.

Leak Detection
 Leak Detection

Detecting Leaks at Home

Well, it seems the water engineers have the outside covered well to prevent it from being ‘wet’, literally. Now you may think how technology can help in the plumbing system and leak detection plumbing in your home where leaks are more common and far more aggravating.

To prevent your home from damage, high utility bills and wasting of water, plumbers also use several advanced techniques for this. Now they do not have to wait for a leak to spring up from one of the pipes in your home.

Experienced, licensed and professional plumbers will use the techniques below to repair any issue quickly and accurately.
  • Acoustic listening devices: This is a special device that comes with ground microphones or sensors. These are specially designed listening discs that catch even the faintest of the sound of any leak within the pipeline over and under the ground and even through a layer of concrete. The sound technology helps them to pinpoint leaks.
  • Heat scanners: This is another basic tool used by plumbers especially in noisy and too deep areas where the acoustic listening methods may fail. These scanners pick up temperature changes that are caused by the escaping water.
  • Video pipe inspection equipment: This is another useful tool for modern leak detection plumbing management that enables most accurate leak detection. There is a miniaturized camera mounted on the long fiber optic cables. This camera captures and relays images back to a monitor for the plumber to see the condition of the interior of the pipe and other information.
However, to ensure that technology is used in the best possible way professional training is required by the plumbers which are a tool which they cannot do without.

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