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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Tips To Remember When Visiting One Of The Mercedes Sprinter Service Centers

One of the main things you should do to keep your Mercedes Sprinter in top condition for a long time is regular servicing. Mercedes is a company that makes this servicing facility very simple and easy to avail. Mercedes sprinter service centres are available in almost every location around the country. One can simply go to the Mercedes website to find out where their nearest service centre is. However, there are certain things which one should keep in mind when visiting one of the Mercedes Sprinter service Centres:
Mercedes Sprinter Service Centers
 Mercedes Sprinter Service Centers

The Flexible Service System: 

Mercedes provides a very flexible service system for the owners of these powerful commercial vehicles. The service system for Sprinter vehicles follows a rotating schedule of service A and service B. These services vary according to the age of the vehicle and thus provide the care which the vehicle explicitly needs. The service A is performed on a vehicle after a year of ownership or 10,000 miles, depending on what comes first. 

For the Sprinter Vans 2009 and newer models, the interval of the service A changes after two years, or after the completion of 20,000 miles. So, the mile interval for service A appointments is at 10K, 30K, 50K, 70K in regular intervals. It is necessary that the owner remembers to book their service A appointments when their vehicle reaches these mile limits. 

The repairs and maintenance processes are undertaken by skilled technicians during the service A process include, replacement of the synthetic motor oil, inspection of fluid levels, replacement of oil filters, inspection of brake component, replacement of the diesel exhaust fluid, inspection and correction of tire inflation, and resetting of the maintenance minder. 

The service B generally comes after service A. An owner is recommended to have the service B after the first 20,000 miles of his vehicles or two years, depending on what comes first. After this, the service B is recommended after every two years or 20,000 miles. 

Thus, an owner should book a service B every time his or her vehicle reaches the mile marks of 40K, 60K, 80K, and so on and so forth. Service B encompasses all the repairs and maintenance services already listed in service A. Apart from this, it also includes cabin dust and combination replacement, and the replacement of brake fluid of the car. 
Mercedes Sprinter Service Centers
 Mercedes Sprinter Service Centers

Tracking the Upcoming Service: 

Another thing that Mercedes Sprinter owners have to be aware of is the tracking the servicing schedule their vehicle can avail from any Mercedes sprinter service centres. It is necessary for the vehicle to have regular scheduling in order to have a long life. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans come installed with a service due-date display to help with this process.

This display informs the owner of the car about the nature of the services that are due for the car and in how many miles or time. This also informs the owner whether they are due for service A or Service B. When the service tracker says it’s time for a service, the owner is supposed to schedule a servicing appointment at the Mercedes Sprinter Service Centre as soon as possible. After the servicing is finished, the technician resets the servicing timer on the car. This ensures that the vehicle is again on track for the next servicing schedule. 

Why everyone loves Mercedes Sprinter Service? 

At Mercedes Sprinter Service Centres, servicing is a straight-forward and easy process. It ensures that the vehicle is always in its best condition and provides the consumer with the best service. Furthermore, the regularly scheduled servicing appointments also ensure that the car does not encounter any serious damage.

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