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Thursday, 10 January 2019

When to Go for Metal Roof Repairs?

Metal roof is the first choice among homeowners and property buyers because of their higher strength, more durability, and increased longevity.  These roofs are very easy to work with and install. However, at times, due to extreme weather conditions, the metal roof can expand or contractor may even rust. Thus, you need to go in for metal roof repairs at times.

Despite the superior strength, and performance of metal roofs, these roofs can get damaged and leak. Before you go in for metal roof repairs, it is essential to understand the primary reasons behind the cause of the damage and leaks in the metal roofs.

The Common Reason Behind Damage to The Metal Roof

Metal Roof Repairs
There could be many other reasons behind any damage to the metal roof apart from the weather elements., It could be because of the poor quality of material used or faulty installation. Here are some of the most common reasons behind the damage to the metal roof.

  • The faulty roofing screws - When the screws are driven ingot the metal roof, several things can go wrong. The roof installer may underdrive of overdrive the screws or drive the screws at the wrong angle. Any faulty driving of the screws is into the metal can lead to leaks and further damage. As a result, you may require metal roof repairs sooner than expected.
  • Degraded Stack flashings – As the area around stack flashings is prone to leaks, it is very essential to pay attention to the waterproofing of the area. As most stack flashings are rubberized to form a seal, expansion, and contraction of metal always places a strain on these seals. Moreover, the rubberized seal also gets degraded with time and under the sun.
  • Missing or weakened sealants – Another cause behind metal roof repairs is the poor quality of sealants that are used around roof transitions, pitch pans and counter flashings as well as under Z flashings and metal ridge caps. The expansion and contraction cycle of the metal roofing may break or damage the sealants.

In case you are thinking of getting a metal roof, you should ensure that you hire only a reputed company to install the roof and make use of only the best quality of material for the roofing. Poor installation and low-quality material are primary reason behind metal roof repairs. Now that you have got a metal roof installed, it is your responsibility to keep it in good condition with regular maintenance and repair.

Tips to Prevent Metal Roof Repairs

Metal Roof Repairs
With a little effort and regular inspection, one can prevent those expensive metal roof repairs. Just follow the following tips.

  • Go for a regular inspection of your metal roof every six months and make a closer inspection of side laps, penetrations, seams and sealant.
  • Go for regular coating of the metal roof as the old coating is likely to become weathered and could potentially lead to a leaky roof.
  • Go for regular cleaning of the roof and get rid of any dirt, rust and lose coating to ensure that roof remains in a good condition.

Early inspections and regular observation of the roof means that one can avoid expensive metal roof repairs later on. One can easily take care of those minor repairs and cleans the roof or any rust developing. It is a lot easier to patch small holes in the roof than taking care of heavily corroded or missing areas.  When the roof is checked on a regular basis, it is a lot simpler and easier and less expensive to repair. So, you need to take good care of the metal roof and keep it in good condition to add to its long years.

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