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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Why Plastic Washers are Useful and Beneficial?

A washer is the most commonly used piece of hardware. Though washers are very small pieces of hardware, they play an essential role in ensuring secure fastening, by effectively making the surface even. Washers are generally used to spread the load over a large surface area and prevent damage to the surface beneath it. There are different kinds of washers used for different tasks.

Plastic Washers
 Plastic Washers
They are mainly used alongside nuts and bolts. Washers are made up of several kinds of materials such as copper, bronze, aluminium, and fibre etc. Plastic washers, particularly nylon, are designed with many desirable properties and capabilities. The best three properties include its non-corrosive nature, weather-resistant durability and anti-magnetic trait, which allow hassle-free and versatile usage.

There are different types of plastics used for making plastic washers. Nylon is a popular choice for its versatility of usage, availability and unique properties. Another is polyethene which is sometimes considered as a good material to make washers.

The properties of this material include its flexibility to remain, at low temperatures, non-corrosive nature and these are generally usually in conjunction with metal nuts and bolts. PTFE material should also be added in the list of plastic washers. It is a good choice when your application is dealing with high temperatures. It can handle up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and its uses are generally commercial and thermal.

Why choose Plastic Washers? 

Plastic washers are a light-weight alternative to metallic washers. The washers have incredible insulation properties and can easily be used in electrical appliances. Washers are designed in different shapes and sizes as per the requirement. Chemical industries also use nylon washers because of their inherent properties, which make them desirable.

One of the best reasons to use a plastic washer is their durability: you do not need to replace them on a regular basis and can sign up for a hassle-free time. Plastic washers also have better absorption properties. Another benefit of using plastic washers is that they compress under pressure, so they are ideal as seals even during unfavourable or incremental environmental conditions. Their ability to absorb sound makes them further desirable, as that helps in reducing sound and vibration.

Plastic Washers
  Plastic Washers

Two primary benefits of all plastic washers are: 

1. They distribute the pressure of the nut evenly over the surface of an object, preventing that object from getting damaged by the nut.
2. A washer ensures a smooth base to press against the nut. This ensures that it will not loosen over time as it is in direct contact with an even surface.
There are many more uses and benefits of plastic washers, particularly nylon categories.

Here are a few advantages of nylon-based plastic washers: 

  • Nylon washers are used in the manufacture of medical components which should be non – flammable and resistant to corrosion.
  • It is used in automotive industries to reduce the overall weight of the automotive engine.
  • Nylon washers are also used in the oil and gas industry. It is mainly used to fix pumps.
  • They are used in military and defence applications too. Here, nylon washers are used because the military equipment should be durable, rugged, non – flammable and chemical resistant.
One disadvantage of nylon washer is that it does not share the UV and chemical resistances of other types of plastics. This means that you cannot leave nylon for too long in the sun.

If you do so, nylon will deteriorate quickly, and the nylon fastener will turn yellow and become easily breakable making it unsafe and unusable. Other than engineering sectors and marine sectors that require resilience and exposure to sun, nylon plastic washers are a common choice these days and should be used with care.

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