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Friday, 15 February 2019

6 Essentials for Partial Denture Care

Regular brushing and preventative dental care can to a certain extent keep your teeth and gums healthy through genetics also play a large role in the formation of cavities.  Regular brushing, to some extent, removes the plaque that causes tooth decay and stimulates your gum. Despite all best efforts, some people do tend to lose their teeth to cavities and face a cluster of problems like speaking disability, bone loss, chewing problem, nutrition loss, the disappearance of your actual mouth structure due to shifts and unwanted spaces.
Partial Dentures Sydney
Partial Dentures Sydney
A great solution to the loss of teeth and subsequent issues it creates is a denture. A denture very simply is an artificial tooth and gum. It is a replica of your teeth and is fitted to your mouth as a replacement to a particular tooth or the entire teeth.

There are two kinds of dentures available. They are: 

  • Partial denturesPartial dentures are fitted in patients mouth only to replace one or few teeth which go missing or get damaged. 
  • Full dentures – Full dentures come into use when entire teeth need replacement. 
Partial dentures are more commonly used as a tooth might get damaged or decayed due to cavities or infection and a partial denture is used to replace only that tooth. Full dentures are only used when either all their teeth have been lost in an accident or severe infection or if they are aged and their teeth are naturally falling out.

Let’s learn the 6 essentials that must be followed to keep partial dentures clean and perfect. 

  1. Please don’t use toothpaste to clean your partial denture: Experts believe that toothpaste should not be used to clean partial dentures regular toothpaste is too abrasive and can damage the acrylic in the denture. Warm water, soap or denture paste can be used to clean your partial dentures. While the denture is left to soak in water overnight, a cleaning tablet can be also put in there to remove stains and loosen plaques. 
  2. Partial Dentures Sydney
    Partial Dentures Sydney 
  3. Definitely maintain a good oral routine with your partial dentureEven if you are new at wearing partial dentures, try to maintain a good oral routine. Your oral care is of utmost importance. Brushing twice a day is regarded to be great. Plaques often are the biggest culprits in tooth problems. If you maintain a good oral routine, there are lesser chances of plaque development. Plaques create bad breath, gum troubles and majorly tooth decay. Washing your mouth with and without your denture, brushing diligently and so on can be extremely beneficial to both your denture and you. 
  4. Be careful to not bend the claspsIt is one of the most essential tips in case of partial dentures. Don’t bend the clasps. 
  5. Be super careful while cleaning your partial dentureAlways keep support or arrange for a base while cleaning your denture. Being delicate, there are chances that it may fall down and break into pieces. Like you can use a plastic jar and clean your denture by keeping it as the base. It will prevent from breaking. 
  6. Please avoid the use of Vinegar and Water!If you plan to use both vinegar and water to keep your denture shiny and dirt free, then please don’t. The metal base of the denture will get corroded. 
  7. Give extra attention to cleaning teeth which come directly under the metal clasps: Due to metal clasps, some tooth may get hidden. It increases the chance of plaque which can result in tooth decay. Please follow thoroughly the instructions given by your dentist on how to brush or clean your denture. 
Replace immediately when the need arises our partial dentures too will stop functioning smoothly with time. Even if you take care of it diligently, sometime later it will get damaged. So, when you feel that your denture is causing troubles in your mouth, feel free to replace them. See your dentist as early as possible and get a better one. 

A tooth is indispensable to us. Even if we have an artificial one, it's our foremost duty to take care of it.

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