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Friday, 8 February 2019

Choose the Best Garden Sheds for Your Garden

A shed is a structure which is made in an empty place to provide the user some additional space for storage purposes or to set up a workshop there. Sheds are usually set up in farms, backyards or industries, and their designs and structures depend on where it is constructed. A gardener often needs space to keep his tools, seeds and lawn equipment; and mind you, there is so many types of tools and machines which are used to maintain a garden. A garden shed provides the owner space to store his lawn care equipment. But these types of sheds are not only useful for storage purposes, but also becomes a defining point in the owner’s garden. It becomes a space where the gardener can work their plants and pot seeds. It can also be used as a get away place when the world seems too busy outside. It brings you closer to the nature and provides relief. 

Garden Sheds
Garden Sheds

There are some features which should be present in all the garden sheds. These are necessary for the sheds to function in an efficient manner. A section of the shed can also be used as a gym; provided there is a lack of space inside the house. These sheds can also act as a playroom for your children and great rooms for your pet. Some of the essential features, which should be present in each shed, are:

  1. Provision of at least one window for proper ventilation to occur, and for natural light to enter the space. And undoubtedly, a skylight is the best way to let in natural light.
  2. The shed should be designed in such a way that there is enough space for the person to move around, and not feel restricted. Added to that, enough headspace is essential to work in a stress-free environment.
These are some of the essential features. There can be plenty of others which depend on the user and are thus easily customizable. 

A garden shed can be differentiated according to its style of construction: 

  1. Lean to Shed – When only a limited space is available and the user needs a shed, a lean to shed can be a viable option. It is built using an existing building wall or the user’s house. Only three walls are built, and the fourth wall becomes the wall of the building.
  2. Tool Sheds – This type of garden shed is built to store tools and equipment. Some shelves are built on the wall to allow the user to keep their tools, like nails, screws, and other equipment. Pegboards can be used in a tool shed to hang certain things; it definitely looks organized. If the user needs a large space to keep their tools in, then double door sheds are more efficient compared to a single door one.
  3. Corner Shed – this is the best option out there for people who do not have large space but require a shed. They are not bigger than 6’*6’ or 8’*8’ and thus do not allow you to renovate the shed in a way you desire. They allow you to use pegboards and hang up the equipment which looks organized.
  4.  Japanese Style Shed – As the name suggests, these are similar to Japanese structures. They look like a miniature pagoda and become a place for the user to unwind. Windows can be made from rice paper or glass; whatever the user likes. Contrary to a storage place, it offers relaxation to the user.
Garden Sheds can be made up of wood, metal or plastic. Wooden sheds are extremely strong which easily handles environmental adversities. Heavy rain or scorching heat, a wooden shed can take it all. A plastic shed is easy to build and does not require high maintenance. Metal Sheds on the other hand, are cheaper than wooden sheds and are also durable. They come in a variety of colors. 

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