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Thursday, 28 February 2019

How Would You Procure The Best Dust Control Solutions?

Is there a construction activity going on near your home? Are there industries near your home which produce large amounts of dust particles?

 Dust Control Solutions
 Dust Control Solutions
Dust particles are emitted from a number of sources. They are of two types, the large ones and the small ones. The large ones do stay in the air for a long time and fall to the surface while the smaller particles can be carried by air for long distances. The larger particles settle to the surface and are less harmful than the smaller ones. 

Dust particles are produced from a number of sources and the size of the particles depends on the nature of the source. However, if you have any industrial plant or you have a construction company then you need to procure the best dust control solutions. Today, you can find several measures such as dust control machines in the market, and you can easily use them to keep your project sites neat and clean.

Health problems created by dust: 

Dust particles are harmful and cause a lot of problems in daily lives. Some of the problems caused by dust particles are given below.

  • Coughing & Sneezing: Dust particles cause a lot of irritation in the nose and throat which causes coughing and sneezing. This irritation caused by dust particles can lead to serious ailments in the future which could be life-threatening. Especially, children are prone to dust and they can be affected by the dust. So, you need to keep your home neat can clean to prevent such diseases. 
  • Irritation in Eyes: We all must have at some point experienced irritation in eyes on its contact with dust. This irritation can become painful in many cases and lead to temporary or permanent loss of eyesight. 
     Dust Control Solutions
     Dust Control Solutions
  • Lung Diseases: When large amounts of dust particles enter the lungs, it results in a number of health-related ailments, many of which could be life-threatening. 
  • Asthma Problem: Although no direct link between dust and asthma has been discovered so far, yet many studies reveal that the chances of asthma attack increase in places with high dust concentration.
Now that we know and understand the problems caused by dust particles, we know why we must go for dust control solutions. In the recent past, the pollution levels have been increasing across the globe resulting in an increase in the number of lung-related ailments.

Dust control solutions that can help you to prevent dust: 

  • Regulations for Industries: Industries are one of the major sources of dust. The dust particles generally produced by industries are small in size and thus more harmful. The governments need to introduce regulations and norms and put fines on industries not adhering to the set norms. 
  • A sprinkling of liquid on barren surfaces: One of the best dust control solution is to sprinkle liquids on barren surfaces. This method is very helpful and can be effectively used to control dust. The two most common liquids used for the purpose are water and oil. Both these liquids bind the dust particles and don’t let them enter the air. 
  • Mechanical methods: A number of machines have been developed which ensure that the emission of dust particle is controlled in nature. There are a number of receptors installed in chimneys which collect dust and does not let it enter the atmosphere. There are a number of air purifiers available in the market which filter the dust particles and give clean air. 
Now that we know enough about dust pollution and dust control solutions, we can start taking steps to control the emission of dust particles and to remove them from the air. Installation of air filter at home is a good idea. 

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