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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

How to find Easy to Access Hot Water Service

During winters, the one thing that almost everybody enjoys is a luxurious hot water bath. It becomes a must for every household to have their own hot water services because hot water is kind of a necessity. Therefore, here is a list of easy access to hot water services that you would like to know about. Firstly, one may divide hot water services on the basis of:
Hot Water Service

The Different Types of Hot Water Services

One must first find out what kind of hot water service they would prefer for their house. Namely, there are four types of hot water systems; electric, solar, gas and heat pump.
  • Electric Water Heater: These types of heater use electricity to heat up the water. On the short run, it is quite economical to install and easy to use. However, if one is to look at the long run where it is used almost on a daily basis, then it becomes a bit on the expensive side and may add up to your expenses. Otherwise, it is pretty much user-friendly and does not require much maintenance. 
  • Solar Water Heater: Solar Water Heaters have two units- solar panels and storage units. As the name suggests, these hot water services heat up the water by using the sun's heat. This kind of water heater is really energy-efficient as they use the heat of the sun as their source of energy. The storage unit does have the provision to get connected to electricity in it in case of days where there is a lack of sunlight, but otherwise, they help you in saving a lot of energy as well as money. For the long run, they are pretty economical as they help save money on the electricity part. However, when it comes to up-front costs, they can be pretty expensive to install.
  • Gas Water Heater and Heat Pump: These hot water services use gas to heat up and keep the stored water hot. They are generally cheaper than an electric water heater, but they are viable only if you have connections to main gas because LPG cylinders can be expensive and can run out anytime.
The heat pumps are much more efficient than an electric storage tank system and basically, work on the same principle as that of an air conditioner. They use heat from the air to heat up the water tank. These kinds of hot water services contain individual units of a tank and a compressor. The compressor can be pretty noisy and thus should be kept outside somewhere where it won't be a disturbance for you and your neighbors. They are exceptionally energy-efficient but as they work by extracting the heat from the air, they will work more efficiently in warm regions.  In the absence of warm regions such as hot water, services fail to provide efficient or desired results.


On the basis of flow, there are namely two types of hot water services- storage tank and continuous flow.

  • Storage Tank: This kind of hot water services stores water and heat them all at once. There are metal rods inside the tank where one rod (the anode) acts as the ‘sacrificing’ rod, by attracting all the impurities and the other rod helps in heating the water. Most storage tanks have a lifetime of 5 to 10 years. Therefore, they should be checked on, every now and then for better productivity and the anode rod should be replaced after every 5 years.
  • Continuous Flow: The continuous flow type of hot water services is also referred to as ‘instantaneous’ as the water is heated as soon as they are required. This system does not store water and heats them up as and when they flow. That is why there is less heat loss and thus is cheaper as compared to the storage tanks. However, as they consume continuous electricity, their running cost is much higher. However, they are very easy to maintain.
These are the easiest ways to access hot water services that one can find. Now that you know, according to your preferences, you may opt for the most suitable one and enjoy the luxurious bath which the hot water will provide.

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