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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Why A Textured Render Finish Is Good For Your Home?

A beautiful house is a key to happy living and in turn a happy life. An aesthetically painted house with an elegant décor doesn't just simply define your personality in front of the visitors but also gives you tranquil state of mind. It gives you mindfulness where there are peace and harmony to keep you company.  When you return to your house after a tiring day at work, your house should be your beautiful refuge. When you get a textured render finish coating on your house wall, it enhances its elegance and beauty. If you think the process is hard, it's not. It's just applying a mixture of cement, lime, and water on brick walls to provide a complete and finishing touch. If there are many drab cement walls in your house, a textured finish is capable of bringing them back to life. You can select from over a wide variety of finishes like a medium scrapped finish, a fine scrapped finish, or a sponge smoothened finish a trowel smoothened finish. If you're wondering what benefits could you get out of getting a textured render finish for your home walls?

Here Are Benefits Of A Textured Render Finish: 

Textured Render Finish

Adds Beauty And Elegance To Your House:

A textured finish heightens the beauty and appeal of your house. Generally speaking, it looks far better than wallpapers and can cover cracks and leaks without making it too obvious.

Easy And Low Maintenance:

Do you know that a textured render finish is easy to maintain and doesn’t need yearly supervision? Yes, because once you get it done, you can enjoy its beauty and other benefits for a long period.

Artistic Value:

Throughout time, the rendering process has help enhancing the beauty of a residence. The render coat helps in getting rid of the dull look which mainly appears due to normal wear and tear of the bricks.

Save Energy:

Don't cudgel your brain over how a textured finish help with energy efficiency. It’s simple; buildings with rendered surfaces have an insulation property which helps to keep the interior temperature warm. This help in maintaining the temperature of the house cooler during the summer season and warmer during the winter season. While it may not relate but indirectly it helps you in saving on electricity charges.

Heightened Durability:

Textured Render Finish
Did you know that a textured render finish improves the durability of your walls and turns it more resilient to climatic jeopardies? It also protects your home from the harmful UV radiations of the sun. When you use it for painting the interiors of the house, it protects the walls from fungal growth and chunks of colors being peeled off from walls.

Avoids Damp Penetration:

You can expect damp walls when the exterior bricks of a house or a building are exposed to the outside in a consistently. Extreme weather conditions such as monsoons or summers can subject the walls to faster decay.  (Read the sentence and judge for yourself)

When you apply a textured render finish on the walls, it enables them to avoid the ill-effects of damp.
On the ending note, if your house or any building has grown old and has been able to stand the tests of time for an extended period, it is now time to give it a new look as well as some maintenance. It would be best if you necessarily thought about giving your old building a textured rendered finish to elongate its life besides giving it a face-lift. 

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