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Thursday, 23 May 2019

5 Garage Door Problems and How You Can Solve Them

Garage doors are the largest entry doors of houses. They are frequently used and hence their maintenance is an important issue. These doors can be automatic or hand operated. There are different types of garage door problems that a house owner faces in everyday life. Some of these problems are simple and can be fixed easily while others are quite complicated and have to be solved by taking help from professionals. 

Some Issues That Usually Occur While Operating Garage Doors and Their Solutions Are Listed Below: 

#1. Tracks: If the tracks of the garage doors are damaged by some equipment then this may pose a problem. The doors may not open and close smoothly. This often happens due to the build-up of debris and dirt on the tracks. If the doors are slipping from the frame, then this may cause severe damage. 

How to Avoid: the tracks should be cleaned on a regular basis. the maintenance of garage doors is important for their smooth operation. For minor damages, some basic tools can be used to repair them.  

#2. Losing the remote: The garage doors are operated by a remote. Often the remote is misplaced to which the operation of the doors become difficult. The remote may also be damaged or broken. Or the batteries can run out. 

How to Avoid: if the remote stops working, the batteries should be checked and replaced. If you lose the remote, remotes of the same brand can be purchased. Universal remotes are also available. 

#3. Door openers: Another problem that you might face while operating your garage door is that not being able to open or close it smoothly.  This may also arise due to faulty door openers that have ceased to work. Sometimes application of some lubrication helps to unblock a stuck garage door, but these remedies don’t always work. 
How to Avoid: with problems regarding the automatic opener, the batteries need to be checked. The opener can even be replaced if the need arises. For extreme cases, the entire door can also be replaced. 

#4. Rollers: The rollers are made of plastic, steel or nylon and they are often subjected to wear and tear. The rollers could even get stuck. If these do not work properly then operating the doors becomes very difficult. 

How to Avoid: the rollers are used every day and the materials of the rollers have a specific lifespan. These need to be changed from time to time. Another important solution is to lubricate the rollers on a regular basis and to keep them clean. 

#5. Electric eye: Photosensitive eyes are installed on the garage doors that control the doors. These sensors are placed at the bottom of the garage doors on either side. They give out beams of light that work as sensors. If the path of this light is obstructed, then the doors will not open. The sensors are an important part. Without these, the doors can close on people causing damage and injury. If anything is blocking the sensor, the objects need to be moved from the path. 

How to Avoid: the eye of the sensor should be clean. A 50/50 solution of water and vinegar can be used to clean it. Even a damp cloth will serve the purpose. 

Garage doors are used on a daily basis and therefore, they need maintenance. The problem needs to be detected before starting to work. Simple tips and techniques should be kept in mind to ensure that your garage doors work efficiently. Checking the tracks and cleaning them from time to time may reduce this problem.

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