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Monday, 13 May 2019

What are the important Bonsai carving tools?

Bonsai’s have become the latest addiction for many gardeners, thanks to the readily available tools one can experiment and explore new creative heights when it comes to bonsai’s. If you too are bonsai hobbyist, you would want to have all the good quality bonsai carving tools handy with you. In this blog you will explore all about bonsai carving tools.
Bonsai carving tools
Bonsai carving tools
Bonsai carving tools are very costly equipment used to execute cuts on the Bonsai trees. These are well known for their quality and sharpness. Regular cleaning of these tools is a must if you want them to work well with precision in the long run. The Japanese Bonsai carving tools are made up of black steel and are very prone to rust. There are several tools that are used by the people at differing stages. A beginner is expected to practice using basic tools such as concave cutter and shear. While for an experienced person, the Bonsai carving tools eventually grow sharp and strong.

Difference between a good quality tool and a poor quality tool ?

Good quality tools
Poor quality tools
They are lighter and easy to handle
These tools are heavier thus making their use difficult
These remain rust-free and damage free
They are made up of poor quality material thus can rust easily
Helps in making cuts with precision without damaging the trees
Poorly designed cutting actions

Well, the difference between the good and poor quality tool is easily identifiable. Just by looking at the kit you would be able to say whether it’s useful for you or not. Generally, the black steel material is considered to be the strongest and the most durable one . It also resists resistance and has a longer shelf life. So, you can buy bonsai tools made from black steel. There are other options also available in the market, but make sure that you do a comparative analysis before buying them.

What are the different Bonsai Carving Tools?

The entire kit of bonsai carving tools consists of various tools. Each of them has a dedicated function.

Here is the list of common tools found in the kit:
  1. Standard shear for beginners
  2.  Pruning Shear
  3.  Long slim twig shear
  4.  Leaf cutter: It is used to prune the branches which are small.
  5. Thin pruning saw
  6. Shohin and azalea shear are sharp carving tools widely used for Bonsai planting.
  7. Small concave cutter with straight blades: This Bonsai carving tool is used to prune the medium sized branches.
  8. Knob cutter: This tool creates hollow shaped cuts on the branches.
  9. Large concave cutter with straight blades: This tool is used to prune the large branches of a Bonsai tree.
  10. Tweezer spatula
  11. large foldable saw
  12. Medium sized foldable saw
  13. Grafting knife with
  14. Wooden sheath
  15. Root hook
  16. Larger root rake: This Bonsai carving tool is used to remove soil near the larger roots of the tree.
  17. Small root rake: It is a fine tool used to carefully remove the soil near the smaller roots of the tree.
  18. Sickle saw
  19. Sickle knife
  20. Root plier
  21. Strong standard shear for root pruning
  22. Jin/wire bending plier
  23. Large wire cutter
  24. Small wire cutter
  25. Small angled Jin
  26. Wire bending plier (middle) set of soil scoops

These tools are used from very old times in Japan as the best Bonsai carving tools. The tools are very costly, especially in Japan. However, their Chinese version comes at a cheaper price. Since pruning and wiring is an impossible task without the help of proper equipment, many brands have started producing good quality Bonsai carving tools.

How can we get Bonsai Carving Tools?

Since Bonsai carving tools have widespread popularity, various brands have made it easy to avail. One can easily look for the tools online on E-commerce websites and get it delivered at home at a reasonable price. Further, one can also look for these tools in the local market. It is bound to be available in areas of the market that deals in tools for furniture and gardening. The prices may vary at both the modes since you get a lot of variety online and a lot of competition on E-commerce websites brings down the prices.

Buying poor quality bonsai tools can result in the following damages:

  • It can damage the tree
  • Poor quality tool will not help you in getting the desired outcome
  • You may need to invest again and again to replace the damaged tool
Thus, it’s always advisable that one should always invest in a good quality product.


Bonsai carving tools
Bonsai carving tools
Bonsai carving tools are very popular in Japan mainly due to people's interest in carving Bonsai trees. Various tools are used for different purposes. Every tool has its own purpose and it differs from the other. The above-listed types of equipment include all the basic and advance Bonsai carving tools. You can easily buy them from a renowned shop or e-commerce website.

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