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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Why Concrete Flooring Is As Potent As They Are Said To Be?

Concrete is so hard and strong that you would have often seen driveways, streets, basements, patios and garages made up of it. Then why most people refrain from using it on their home flooring?  Actually, in earlier times, concrete looked boring and dull and people usually preferred a more sophisticated look for their modern interiors. But these days, concrete flooring can also be made in polished, stained or etched forms. Due to its high durability and improved looks, people have now started using concrete for their interiors as well.

Let’s Have A Look At The Pros Of Installing This Flooring In Your House.

Concrete Flooring

High durability: Concrete is extremely strong and tough and can withstand even the heaviest pressure of trucks, crates, cars and forklifts. That is why most warehouses and garages have concrete flooring only. So, if concrete flooring can withstand so much pressure, imagine how durable it can be for your home interiors!  Its resilience makes it a popular material for core commercial areas and even in the homes. Further, concrete flooring survives furniture legs, pet claws, high heels and even the damage from dropped items while showing up not a single scratch.

Easy to maintain: Minimum maintenance is required to keep your concrete floor looking best for years. Depending on the traffic level inside your house, sealing or waxing it once or twice in a year can be enough. This will maintain a layer of protection on your floor, and keep it shining and protected for decades. Regular mopping of the floor with a neutral cleaning agent can be enough to keep it clean. However, if there are any stubborn stains, you can wipe them off with a utility pad. This is all you have to do to maintain your concrete flooring. A properly maintained floor can last forever even in a hard-working commercial area. It can withstand high traffic conditions for several decades. In the end, you can save a lot of money due to its long-lasting and easy to maintain nature.

Environmentally friendly: Installation of concrete floor is considered to be very eco-friendly. Since it does not need any heavy machines for preparation and installation, it does not consume much electricity, thus saves energy. Most floors already have a concrete sub-floor beneath, due to which installation of a concrete floor can be easily done by removing the upper layer and applying a new coat. Since no new material is required, you save the environment by minimising your carbon footprint.

Lots of design options to choose from: Over the last few years, modern techniques have been developed which can be used to give a luxurious look to a boring concrete flooring as well. Dyes can be added to wet concrete to produce the material in a diverse range of colours. Unique finishes can be rendered to the flooring with surface treatments like acid stains, concrete paint and concrete stains. Rubber stencils can be used to stamp concrete to give it a desired texture. With the help or colouring agents and dyes, finished concrete can be designed to look like natural stones, ceramic tiles, bricks and other such materials. With so many designs and textures that can be given to concrete flooring, a variety of looks can be created with handy material.

Concrete Flooring
Cost-effective: Concrete flooring costs much less as compared to other flooring options, including marble, ceramic tiles, wood and others. Even if you want to add texture or dyes to your plain concrete material, it will not cost more than its counterparts. Apart from that, once you install a concrete floor, it can also work as a base for other flooring options that you may want to install in future, such as ceramic tiles, wood and vinyl. So, even if you decide to renovate your floor in the coming years, the concrete floor you install now will save money in future as well.

Now that you know all the advantages of installing concrete flooring, call a professional expert at your place, let him take the measurements and give you an estimate of the prices. Rest assured that they will inundate you with the varied design options in concrete flooring that go beyond the classic and mundane gray.The concrete floor that you install now will last for generations due to its high durability = and resilience.

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