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Thursday, 13 June 2019

How to Go About Choosing Photography Courses in Australia?


So, you are interested in photography? Want to pursue it as a career? Congratulations! Photography is one of the most sought-after fields on the creative side. Over the decades, the demand for the profession has not waned, even with the advent of camera phones, and easy-to-buy DSLR cameras for all. This is because there is always going to be a high demand for professional photography skills. In the quest for documenting landmark moments in one’s personal and professional life, it is professionals who are given preference.

While choosing photography courses, one of the vital things to keep in mind is to do a little bit of soul-searching on why you want to study the art. Before anything else, you need to answer that question. Many top colleges of photography in Australia offer courses for a diverse set of career goals. Depending on your goals, you can go for a beginner’s or advanced course. 

Photography Courses
Through this article, we will look at the factors to consider before zeroing in on the right photography course.
  • What are You Going to Study? - Photography has emerged as a wide field. Do many photography colleges offer different photography courses like fashion, wildlife, corporate, media, movies, or anything else that interests you the most? That is the first question to answer. Is the industry of your choice popular enough to provide employment? That is the second question. Despite all your love for photography, it is essential to understand that the chosen stream should give you livelihood options. Make sure that you do adequate research on the industry growth and prospects of employment.
  • What Will You Get from the Course? - Photography institutes in Australia have diverse methodologies of running their course. Some photography courses may be more focused on developing the critical skills of a photographer; others may also include sessions on the history of photography. Based on your goals, choose your course. It is recommended that you go for a course that will offer your hands-on work experience and liaison with the industry. Check out the placement options that the course provides.
  • Check Out the Photography Courses Duration - The seemingly best choice for photography colleges might not work for you because maybe the term is too long, or too short. You must also check whether the institute is offering a part-time or full-time course.  Depending on your needs and availability, you can opt for short-term photography courses or a professional diploma. You could also opt for a bachelor’s degree if you are looking for an intensive course. If you have a day job already, then find out if the course you fancy offers you enough flexibility.
  • Find Out About the Fees - One significant element that affects your choice when it comes to selecting the best college for photography is the fees of the course. While it’s desirable to get a call from the leading photography institute in Australia, the fees may be simply out of your budget. Often, the cost of education becomes an active filter that helps you narrow down your search, and finally select the course you should go for. So, before you narrow down your search, compare the fees charged by various photography colleges.
  • Check the Course Accreditation - When looking for a college, accreditation is a sign that the school has some standards. Not to generalize, but non-accredited photography schools may have good programs. You need to invest time finding out about it. It is recommended that the course you are looking at is accredited. One benefit of choosing an accredited school is that it opens up better access to financial aid for your course.
  • Check Out Who’s on The Faculty - The efficiency of a school or college is set by its faculty. So, make sure that when you are choosing a school or college, you inquire about the faculty. They must be qualified and should have practical and theoretical knowledge. You can do so by checking the official website of the school They will have a separate section having an entire gallery dedicated to the faculty’s work. What is the typical student-faculty ratio in the college? That’s also something you should invest your time in finding out. Doing these little things will give you a fair idea of the amount of time and attention you are going to get from your future faculty.
Live Project - If you get your hands on this opportunity, it will be a cherry on the cake while you are studying photography. Some of the leading colleges might assign you on-floor projects which will help you explore how the photography world is moving.

Final Say - The above-mentioned points will help you shortlist some of the best photography schools and photography courses thereby enhancing your career prospects.

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