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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Why Choosing The Right Dust Control Solutions Are The Need Of Hour?

Dust control solutions are commonly required in industrial premises to prevent the possibility of dust fires. In addition to that, the risk of accidents is greatly reduced with better visibility in the workplace. Reducing dust will also be helpful in decreasing the wear and tear on equipment and lessen the need for maintenance too. For company employees, less dust will need less protective gear and reduce the possibility of foul odors that might have a negative impact on comfort, productivity and performance. Let’s know more about these systems in detail.

Dust Control Solutions
Dust Control Solutions  

What these solutions are?

Basically, there are 3 types of dust control solutions that are effectively being utilized nowadays in industrial as well as commercial premises. There are systems that function using a ventilation system in a building to capture dust particles. Also, there are wet dust suppression systems at the ground level that uses water to dampen the soil or small particles that make them too bulky to become airborne. Airborne dust can be easily thwarted with a water system where a spray can combine together with the particles which further causes them to fall to the ground.

How Dust Control Solutions Work?

There are 4 major parts to industrial dust control solutions. There is a capturing apparatus at the source of the dust, and usually, it’s an exhaust hood. Attached to the hood is duct work which carries the dust to a dust collector. At the collector, the dust is extracted from the air. Towards the end of the duct work, after the dust is detached from the air, is the fan and motor which gives power at the back of the airflow.
Dust Control Solutions
 Dust Control Solutions

Choosing The Right Dust Control Solutions

There are a few simple considerations that you must bear in mind prior to deciding on how to approach the decision making for dust control solutions. Some of them include:
  • Capital cost
  • Labor required for installation and maintenance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Lifespan
  • Power cost needs
  • Waste product to deal with
  • Lasting benefit
There are basically two types of dust control solutions, including suppression and extraction. In many aspects, suppression is considered to be a better option as compared to extraction due to the fact you would not require dealing with fines and maintenance is not labor-intensive. An extra benefit is that you do not remove sellable material from the ore stream.

If you have had no experience earlier with emission control technologies, you can easily implement an effective program to reduce airborne dust. The key is to talk to the right people and consider the following questions mentioned below:
  • Does the prospective supplier have reference sites?
  • Can you visit the site?
  • Do they effectively reduce emissions?
  • How many sites does the potential supplier have?
  • Are dust control solutions cost-effective?
  • Are the chemicals used safely for employees?
  • Can they prove emission levels?
  • Can they prove consumption figures?
  • Will the chemicals interfere with the mining processes?
Once you have these questions answered, you can be sure that you are making the right selection as far as a dust control system is concerned. Controlling dust in your environment can not only make the premise comfortable and safe, but it proves to be a safe environment for your health as well. Dust in the air can lead to a lot of health-related problems, including asthma, bronchitis and even lung cancer. So, make your choice carefully and enjoy all the benefits that these systems have to offer.


Find the recognized dealer in dust mitigation and reap great benefits out of the dust control solutions that have been designed to keep your home or office dust free, thereby giving a healthy environment to live and work in at full ease and comfort. 

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