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Monday, 15 July 2019

7 Steps Involved In House Demolition

House demolition seems to be a quick and easy process. You might think that it can be easily done with a sledgehammer within a couple of days. But actually, there are so many steps involved in demolishing a structure. Here, we are giving you step-by-step instructions on how to demolish an existing structure.
House Demolition
House Demolition

#1. Choosing the right house demolition method 

A house can be broken apart in more than one way, and you need to select the method that best works for your project. Let’s talk about them: 
  • Mechanical demolition: This method involves tearing the house down with the help of heavy machines like hydraulic excavators or bulldozers. This method is fast and cheap. The debris after the demolition is removed with the help of a dumpster or trailer.
  • Deconstruction: This method involves destructing the structure manually by hand, one piece at a time. It is often used when the materials inside or around the structure need to be salvaged, so that they can be recycled or reused. Some materials like windows, doors, beams and lumber can be retained to sell out or reuse the new structure. As compared to the mechanical methods of destruction, deconstruction is a slower process and costs more too. Individual light fixtures, tubs, sinks, glass, windows, doors, and pipes are taken of manually and carefully.
  • Combination: The combination method involves steps of both mechanical house demolition and manual deconstruction. In this method, the reusable materials are salvaged using deconstruction, and then the rest of the structure is demolished using mechanical demolition. The remaining debris is then hauled away safely. 

#2. Finding the house demolition company 

Finding the right demolition company is important to carry out your project safely and quickly. They have all the required experience and equipment to destruct your structure without harming the surrounding and the environment. They are also aware of your local regulations, and they have all the required licenses and permits to destruct your property. They also take care of the debris that come out after the demolition process.
House Demolition
House Demolition

#3. Inspecting the property 

Once you have selected your house demolition experts, they will come to your property and inspect the structure to be destructed. They will see if there is any asbestos, mould, lead paint, rotted wood and other hazardous substances in your structure. If there is any, they will follow proper procedures to get rid of them safely. 

#4. Disconnect any services 

Before demolishing a structure, you need to disconnect any services installed in it. These include water lines, sewage system, electricity wires, gas pipeline and others. Gas and electricity lines can cause serious accidents if they are allowed to stay active during the demolition process. Supply sources in the surrounding area may also get damaged, and your neighbours may also face a lot of problems due to this. You need to properly terminate these services in your area before you start your demolition project. 

#5. Talk to your neighbours 

Since there will be lot of noise, dust and debris generating from your structure, you should talk to your neighbours and keep them happy, so that they stay patient while your demolition project is on. And don’t forget to give them a feast once your construction project is over. 

#6. Carry out the demolition 

Salvage the materials that you want to keep safe and carry out the demolition process with the help of a professional demolition expert. 

#7. Remove the debris 

Once the house demolition is complete, make arrangements to remove the debris and clean the site. A demolition expert will prepare the site for new construction by basement excavation or grading methods. 
Follow these steps to carry out your house demolition project in a safe, quick and easy manner. Make sure that the demolition experts you hire are experienced and knowledgeable in demolishing the structures in your locality. Otherwise, you may end up being caught up in some complicated legal troubles.

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