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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Commercial Air-Conditioning: Types and Benefits

Commercial air conditioning is found in almost all offices, large complexes, universities, malls, and restaurants. It is a common myth that this full-fledged commercial air conditioning requires a lot of maintenance. It basically depends on the area and number of rooms. In the long run, it would be saving bills, boosting your business and provide comfort to your customers or clients. Almost all the multinational firms and workplaces have commercial air conditioning. 
Commercial air conditioning

Types of commercial air conditioning available in the market:

  • Single zone and multi-zone HVAC systems
Single-zone systems are useful for cooling a comparatively smaller area like a single floor, and you can install such commercial air conditioning in your café or shop. But if you want to install commercial air conditioning for the whole building then you must choose HVAC systems.
  • Constant volume and Variable volume HVAC systems
If you want to control the humidity and cooling levels then choose the variable volume air conditioning system. But if you want constant, relentless cooling as usually wanted in most offices, then you can choose the Constant volume HVAC system.

  • Radiant and Forced Air HVAC systems
This choice is strictly based on your personal preference and the city you live in. Forced air cooling system is a better choice for polluted cities. It provides great internal cooling and good airflow. The radiant air cooling system provides very efficient thermal energy flow as well as saves a lot of energy.

  • Ducted and Ductless HVAC systems
When you are choosing whether you need ducted or ductless air conditioning carefully assess the space you have. Ducted air conditioners are useful when you have space for ducts and want to control the humidity and airflow. But if you are just installing another room or want to have multiple cooling zones go for the ductless air conditioners.
Commercial air conditioning

The essential advantages of such commercial air conditioning are as follows:

  • Reduced electricity bills
Contrary to popular beliefs, commercial air conditioning actually saves energy and reduces cost. Since a large number of machines work in harmony, you can save your power consumption bill by using such commercial air conditioning systems. When a large number of efficient machines work together it obviously requires less energy. And nowadays many HVAC systems are made environment-friendly.

  • Dirt-free, pure environment
In those offices, cafes, shops boasting central commercial air conditioning, it gives off a clean and pure look from the outside. Since outside dirt is not allowed in it remains clean.

  • Low maintenance costs
It is believed that maintaining such a large number of conditioners require more money. But it is far from the truth. Since they are interconnected, even if they suddenly have a fault, it can be remedied by just repairing one circuit or a few other outlets.

  • Enhances the quality and status of your business or office
Commercial air conditioning undoubtedly increases the status and value of your office or business. It is very helpful in garnering more attention and attracting more customers. Customers can also check out your products at a more leisurely pace, with a cool head away from the scorching heat.

Commercial air conditioning is quite a good investment that benefits all in the long run. It may require a little additional budget at the beginning but once the initial set up is done, it will save your maintenance and power consumption cost. Apart from that, commercial air conditioning can increase the workflow of your business because such cooling system will filter the air and save your workers from airborne diseases. 

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