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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Major Warning Signs Which Indicate That A Car Requires Transmission Repair

You must be reading this article because you must be suspecting that there is some issue with your car’s transmission system. The transmission system of your car plays a key role in making it function well and perform well. There are times when people experience some issues with the transmission system but are not sure about the fact. In such cases, you should ideally take some advice from the experts regarding the transmission concern. You should be really proactive in taking a step or else the small transmission issue will probably evolve and a catastrophic transmission failure is most likely to happen.

Early Signs That Indicate Transmission Repair:

car transmission repair
Transmission Repair
Well, the transmission system of your car is one of the most complex systems, but that doesn’t mean that you would not be able to figure out the problem. There are certain signs of damage which you can notice and get it repaired in time. We bring you a list of signs and symptoms of damage which you can check and work on it. Read on to know the early warning signs of some issue in the transmission system in the vehicle.
  1. Leakage: One of the common reasons for damage to the transmission system could be the leakage of fuel. If you notice a tiny pool of reddish oil which you observe when you move your vehicle from the parking spot in the morning is certainly the early sign of trouble and you need to go for transmission repair. Transmissions are most likely to leak from nearly twenty different external seals. Some of these are absolutely simple to repair whereas the other seals require extremely complex service procedures. The expert transmission repair mechanics can handle all types of leakage issues in your vehicle with ultimate expertise.
  2. Shaking: If you notice that at high speed, your vehicle is showing shaking, then it’s a sign of damage in the transmission system. If you experience any such thing, then you should necessarily get this diagnosed and get it fixed.
  3. Delayed reverse or drive: If you notice a longer than the normal hesitation for your transmission in engaging a gear once the shifter is turned to “D” or “R”, then this is another prominent sign of malfunctioning in the transmission system. These particular delays can probably be caused due to low fluid level or a band. This specifically requires adjustment to an internal transmission seal for fixing the same.
  4. Neutral condition while on brisk acceleration: If you experience a neutral condition all of a sudden while on brisk acceleration while going through a turn, then this is a warning sign of a problem in the transmission system in the vehicle. This is considered to be a prominent sign of low fluid condition in your vehicle. You need to remember that unlike an engine where it is absolutely normal for some amount of engine oil to be consumed but if the vehicle is running low in the transmission fluid, then this is an obvious sign of leaking.
  5. Transmission Repair
    Transmission Repair
  6. A burning smell: Another prominent sign of damage to the transmission system of your vehicle could be a burning smell in the car. It might be because of over-heating or in case of leakage of transmission fluid. Irrespective of the condition, you must take it to the transmission repair service provider so that it can be rectified in time.
  7. Checking the engine light: The transmission systems in today’s vehicles are computer-controlled and you should check the engine light on regular intervals as this can give a strong indication of a serious transmission problem. The modern automobile computers are very sensitive and can easily detect a malfunction or transmission slip. This light strongly indicates that something is wrong somewhere. You should be warned by this sign and should immediately take your vehicle to a transmission repair mechanic.


This is quite natural that you may at times ignore the warning signs of the problems in the transmission systems, but this is not the right approach as this delay worsens the problem and leads to major expenses. So, be careful and get your car to a transmission repair mechanic as soon as you witness any of the above warning signs. Choosing a service center that holds expertise in repairing the transmission system of the vehicle is a must if you want your vehicle to be repaired well and function exceptionally well in the long run.

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