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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Reasons Why Investing In Barrisol Ceiling Is A Smart Move

Creativity, innovation, and technology developed interior designs are a unique and remarkable strength of this generation. Nowadays, one of the popular interior ceiling designing choices stands to be barrisol ceilings. The specialty of these ceilings is that a PVC sheet is mainly stretched and molded over a frame to create distinguished shapes.

This sheet of PVC is particularly a stretchable fabric which is also non-flammable. With effective technical ways and mechanisms and in use of layered laces, these sheets bring out exclusive creative shapes over any frames, like straight, curved, sloping, etc. The Barrisol stretched ceilings are increasingly becoming popular in the construction of new buildings both commercial and residential as well as in works of renovation. The technology is picked not only because of its unparallel aesthetic appeal but also because of a series of other advantages.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

These acoustic ceilings are known for their excellent flexibility of design and ease of installation. Since these fabrics are fixed with panels with the help of clips, it is easy to alter the layout, add or remove panels and even in detach the panels for repair. It can instead be taken as a smart ceiling which cuts on effectively the time required for installation and also for maintenance after installation. One of the most moving parts is that Barrisol ceilings are relentlessly magnificent in style, texture and appeal, suitable with all types of interiors, and handled by professionals always. While installing Barrisol ceilings you get professional assistance in:
  • Installation process
  • In case of installation of new lights, ducts, any technical changes
  • In case the panels need to be changed or repaired
In case of maintenance as well you can avail the Barrisol cleaning products for easy and hassle-free cleaning. You can also seek for professional Barrisol approved professional technicians for cleaning. Since the unhooking of the fabric and the panels is easy, it is not a time-consuming job, rather effortless and secure.

Embedded Acoustic Technology
Offices and workplaces have high energies everywhere with people talking around you, movements making noises, even, phone calls, machine sounds, fax machines, etc. A different number of sources of sound energy. Though a typical picture of any workplace, yet it poses a definite difficulty in concentration. A Barrisol ceiling comes with high-end acoustic technology with micro-perforated fabrics which not only effectively absorbs the sound waves but also converts it into thermal energy.
The scientific reasoning behind this technology is that when the sound waves hit the ceiling, the resonance of the air trapped within the micro-perforated ceiling and the layer of the backing increases the rate of friction. This friction reduces the effects of echoing, which minimizes the noise level of the room. Workplaces, hospitals, clinics, educational institutes, restaurants, pubs, etc a numerous range of businesses and workplaces are nowadays adhering to these ceilings owing to the benefits of the reduced noise level.


Concrete ceilings are easily vulnerable to leakages, damages owing to moisture but installing barrisol ceiling is a comprehensive solution for a waterproof ceiling, since it is highly resistant to moisture. Since moisture in the air is a common issue with damaged walls and ceilings in highly humid areas, installation of Barrisol can be a great protective measure to guard your ceilings against moisture damage. Since these ceilings are highly resistant to water, even in case of maintenance, washing with water does not pose any threat of damage.

Look at the major benefits and advantages of Barrisol like high-end durability, resistance to both heat and cold, remarkably constant tension. Thereby no deformation over the long term of use, water resistance, easy installation and a series of other advantages, installation of Barrisol ceiling is smart and one-time investment for a tension-free ceiling with high aesthetic value as well as the property value.

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