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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Tips On Effective Termite Control

If you reside in a region where there are dangers of termite infestation, then you should be aware of how to control the termite infestation. This particular article is intended to explain a few of the crucial facts which you necessarily need to know in order to control the danger of termite infestation.

Methods For Effective Termite Control:

Termite Control
Termite Control
Well, you can any time contact the local pest and termite control team to get rid of these termites, but if you want to keep those termites at bay, the best way out is to keep your house clean. There are other methods which you can adopt on a regular basis and can get rid of these termites.

Get Rid of Moisture: One of the key things that you should know is that moisture creates a favorable ecosystem of growth for pests. So you need to ensure that there is no water source constantly leaking in your property like a leaky hose, faucet or pipe. Basically, any large and permanent source of water is considered a treat. So, keeping your property damp-free is one of the major termite control measures.
You need to necessarily ensure that there is no presence of sprinkles that are soaking any sort of wooden furniture or door/window. Also, this would be wise to keep all your wooden stuff away from the ground. Also, you should keep this in mind that you should use treated wood on or around your house/property where there are chances of this wooden stuff touching the ground.

Use of Liquid Pesticides: Effective liquid pesticides for the purpose of termite treatment can be safely used by uniformly spraying the particular chemical around the complete perimeter of your property. These are specially formulated chemicals which ensures that you can easily get rid of termites in no time. However, it’s advisable that you must keep your hands and mouth covered while spraying these chemicals. Liquid pesticide for keeping away termites can be of two types – they can either be repellents or termiticides. The cheap way of spreading around termiticides can be quite dangerous and thus this method should not be adopted preferably.

Use of Bait Systems: Senticron is one of the most popular and highly used bait systems and are readily available in the market across most of the regions. The idea which is implemented here in this system is placing wood or stakes inside the ground around the property. There are wood baits inside the tubes. The woods are checked later and if the woods are found to be used, then they are usually replaced by poisonous bait. Later when the termites bring back their colonies, these poisonous baits completely eradicate the problem of termite infestation.
pest Inspection
Termite Control
Natural Remedies: Well, chemicals and other termite control methods are effective, but if you want to see effectiveness in a long run, you can do so by adopting the home remedies to control the growth of termites. The most common amongst these is Boric acid and Orange oil. Though these are not poisonous by origin their high doses can prove to be toxic to the kids and pets. So, this is advised to handle this particular thing with caution. Orange oil is less toxic of the two components and is effective to kill only the dry wood termites. This is being injected to the dry wood in order to fetch favorable result. Boric acid, on the other hand, should be administered on the wood directly and this can be brushed on the surface of the wood before the house is getting constructed.

Termite Tenting: It is the most effective method of termite control and is also the costliest. This also works only on the dry wood termites. The major idea in this procedure is to effectively rap the toxic fumes into your home & the fog which will be created would eradicate the entire colonies of the termites.


Termite control is a very important step that you should adopt in order to protect your property from the extreme damage of termite infestation. Ignoring the problem or delaying in taking an effective termite control measure would only harm your property big time. So, better to be careful.

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