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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Top Kitchen Design Styles and Its Characteristics

Kitchen is one of the primary areas within the house and this specific area will need more attention at any cost. Regular improvements over the kitchen and designing it attractively will give peace within the mind; this will be directly injected into the mind of the person who cooks. The kitchen design should be considered even before building the kitchen area in order to design it in favor of the cook. Generally, the women in the house belong to this area as they’re the one who is going to be in this place most of the time than any other person in the home. The kitchen design looks are subjective, but it should give the easiness while cooking and it should help the cook to reach out for the things quickly without any major strains. 

Based on the structure the kitchens are widely classified into various types. The types and layouts will change even based on the country; some of them are as listed below: 

 Layouts based on the structures
 Modern Kitchen designs
 Traditional Kitchen designs
 Island type of kitchen design 

Layouts Based on The Structures: 

The kitchens are widely classified based on the layout structure such as L-shaped kitchen design, U-shaped kitchen design. 

In the L-shaped kitchen design, the layout will be divided into two partitions similar to shape “L”. A smaller pieced area which holds the sink whereas the larger and lengthy area holds the stove, drawers, cupboards, and chimney. In this type, the cooking process will be done on one side and the sink can be accessed separately. This is the most popular type of kitchen preferred by many. 

U-shaped kitchen design is also very popular for its feasibility, but it is not that popular as L-shaped kitchen design. The U-shaped structure holds the sink on the one end, the stove over the other end and the area for other purposes will be left untouched. Fits in a large kitchen. 

Traditional kitchen designs are nothing but designing the kitchen like olden days. In the period of '50s and ’60s, the kitchen setup will be more different than the currently available designs. The kitchen used to be broad and the entire dining will be included within the kitchen area. This is still preferred by many of the architects and women. 

Island type kitchen design and peninsular type kitchen design are designed with the adaptation of modern-day mechanism and it is framed without compromising the major flaws. The island type kitchen will hold its primary area over the central part of an exchange which will be left untouched with other areas and drawers. The sink will be placed separately in the setup and it will not be in contact with the central part of the setup. 

Materials Used for Designing: 

The entire setup of the kitchen will be done by employing many materials. Among them, tiles play an important role as it defines the texture of the whole setup and it will occupy the view of the person. Tiles that are used in the kitchen should be able to adopt heat and withstand temperature. Some of the tiles with minimal layers tend to crack sooner which indicates that it failed to withstand the heat. 

The drawers are generally made with wood and it can be chosen based on the overall budget and the material choice of living people. 

Gas pipelines should be made of copper and steel whereas the tap and sink pipe should be made using brass in order to withstand many seasons. 

As we all know the kitchen is one of the primary areas which should be taken care in terms of building and also in terms of renovating it. Finding the proper provider of all the needed materials is very important. 

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