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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Ways to Make a Wheel Chair Accessible Planter Gardens

For many people gardening has become a way of life. They are so engrossed in gardening that it is the only work that they do. Often people are met with some mishaps which leave them immobile and dependent on wheel chair. This makes it difficult for them to move around which often causes problems in many activities. For such people who enjoy gardening the best way is to make sure that we have a wheel chair accessible planter gardens. We all know that calming effect nature has on many patients. Therefore if you have a patient at home who is having a little mobility problems you can easily make these gardens wheel chair accessible with the help of some simple solutions. The systems are all equipped with sprinklers and high quality self-irrigation system so that even if there is sporadic rainfall sometimes, the planters can work well.
Wheelchair Accessible Planter

How to actually design the garden with wheelchair accessible planters?

Clearing Pathways

The first and most important thing that we have to make sure to do to have perfect wheel chair accessible planters is clearing the pathway. We all are familiar with the troubles of wheeling down uneven paths which can be very risky for the people on the wheel chairs. Therefore having clear concrete pathways are very important for the safety of the people. This helps us in making the patient on the wheel chair independent. This is an essential for those who have patients in wheel chair and enjoy gardening. This is also a system that can be used for large modular gardens. Sometimes the planters can be moved to desired locations for optimum watering technique. Fiberglass planters of high quality are made of ergonomic design and are made to last.

Irrigation facilities

This might initially sound something really fancy. However if we pay proper attention to this main element of gardening we will find that this makes it easier for the people who are navigating throughout the garden. In most cases we find that the hose pipe has to be dragged around the house which makes it difficult for the people to navigate through the garden and around the planters hence in order to make wheel chair accessible planter we have to build a very efficient irrigation system. The next thing that we have to make sure that there is minimal spillage otherwise the wheels of the wheelchairs are sure to leave track marks throughout. Hence this might become a problem for the homeowners. Therefore paying attention to this aspect is also very important to make sure that we have a good functioning wheel chair accessible planter garden.

Low maintenance of plants

Even if gardening is the passion for the patient we have to be sure to plant only plant which does not have a complicated maintenance system. Since the mobility of the gardener in this case is restricted we have to make sure that we include this aspect of gardening as well so that we have efficient wheel chair accessible planter garden systems for patients. These wheelchairs ensure that the plants get water up to the roots and the self-irrigation system gives rise to healthy and glowing blooms in case round the year care is also taken.

Wheelchair Accessible Planter
Therefore as you can see that these are some of the important ways adopting which can help us in making wheel chair accessible planter garden. Therefore this will ensure that none of the plants rot away and will also the mental calmness that the wheel chair patients need. These wheelchairs can be used for seated and also for standing participants in many cases. They are now widely used in schools that have children with special needs.

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