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Monday, 15 July 2019

Why Timber Doors are Ideal Choice To Us When It Comes To Durability?

Timber Doors
An entrance door is the business card of a house and should be beautiful enough to make a good first impression. In this case, the timber doors are chosen for your home's construction, or renovation project are strong enough to withstand the wind, rain and scorching sun. They are also effective against damage caused by potential intruders. Fortunately, timber doors meet all of these needs where some other kinds of doors are vulnerable to dock, peel, or crack over the years. 

Choice of Door Material

For each of the possible materials, there are advantages and disadvantages. They should be observed for each use. In a matter of price (without thinking of durability), from the cheapest to the most expensive are – timber doors, steel doors, glass doors, aluminum doors, wood and UPVC doors. In the choice, several characteristics like the use (internal or external), exposure to the sun and intemperate, location of the construction (near the sea or not), design and decorative style influence in the choice of doors. The options are the most varied - wood, steel, timber, aluminum, glass, PVC – but which one is ideal for your project? 

Timber Doors – Best Choice

Timber Doors For Home

For external doors, timber doors are more common. As this area requires a more resistant material. The strongest timber doors are used in internal doors of bedrooms, and bathrooms. Besides being lighter, nowadays they have a manufacturing process that guarantees the quality, and good sound insulation. The timber doors are certainly the most conveying sense of warmth and comfort. No wonder they are favorites of all the time. No other material is able to provide the same feel, especially with such good value for money, and guaranteed durability. 

Iron or Steel – Mostly Commercial

The oldest metal doors are usually made of iron. But today it is common to see the iron blend with materials with a lower oxidation index such as steel. Steel has a low cost and good strength. The main disadvantages of using iron doors are rust, low thermal and acoustic comfort, an aesthetic effect not always so pleasant, short service life, and utility restriction. For these issues, they are most commonly used in commercial spaces or garages. Unlike the timber doors, problems with this type of material arise from improper installation of the product. As well as being vulnerable to impacts and oxidation itself. It requires constant maintenance. 

Aluminum Doors – Less Use in House

Aluminum doors are most commonly used in outdoor areas, especially in barbecue, Laundromats, and pool areas. Thanks to the ease of maintenance, and resistance to corrosion, this alternative gained popularity. Despite this, aluminum has low impact resistance. The material usually gives difficulties in the post-sale because it is very fragile. Whereas, timber doors have a high re-sale value. 

Glass Doors – Not for Every House

The transparent aspect is what attracts the most attention. The other advantage is energy saving since during the day the material allows the entrance of natural light. As for aesthetics, its use allows the visualization of what is behind the wall and can generate a sensation of space enlargement - but if it is used in houses or apartments, the ideal is that it be used only on doors that give access to balconies or terraces. 

Conclusion: Remember the Lines

One should also be aware of moisture and pests while choosing doors. In both cases, waterproofing products can help with maintenance and durability. When you choose timber doors opt from trusted companies that offer assurance, and transparency. Always check that the material is certified. There are absolutely no issues with timber door. But you must choose the brand only after deciding their reputation. Do not try to save a few dollars for cheaper materials.

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