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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

All That You Need to Know About Skip Hire

In Australia, it is known as skip bins, while it is commonly known as dumpsters in Canada and in many regions in the United States of America. Skip bins are large containers made up of metals and at times of plastics. We can find them in construction and renovation areas and these days people also keep them at home to have a clean environment. They are filled with garbage and all types of waste and once the skip is loaded, they are collected by the skip hire companies at a particular day and time. Then it is replaced with a new and empty skip. The loaded skip is taken to a landfill or at a recycling factory to dispose of the waste and garbage.

Reasons for Getting Skip Hire for Home

There are a lot many reasons to hire a skip bin, but one of the most important reasons to skip hire is because of its cost-effectiveness and time-saving ability. It is easy to dispose of garbage with skip bins. It can also be considered to be flexible as these days skip hire rentals to allow you to extend your period to hire it without any extra charges neither you have to pay any penalty for it.

Skip Hire
What Are the Different Skip Bin Sizes? 

1. Jumbo Sized Skips 
These skips are also known as industrial grade skips as they are available in various sizes ranging from ten, fifteen, and twenty to forty cubic meters. They are cost-effective and efficient for large industrial or commercial companies. They are mainly hired during a demolition of a building or in a large construction site. It carries all types of commercial wastes like steel, woods, bricks, cement, concrete and many more.

2. Middle Skips
As the name suggests they are larger than the mini skips and they are mostly ranging from four to six cubic meters. They are particularly designed to carry humongous industrial and commercial garbage and waste. These middle skips can hold double the amount of waste than mini skips. Wastes like metal scraps, wood shavings, timber, electronic equipment, home appliances and many more can be disposed of in this middle skip bin.

3. Mini Skips
These are one of the smallest skip bins which are around two to three cubic meters. They are mainly used for household cleaning and garden cleaning and other small projects. These mini skips can be used for small furniture products, grass roll, weeds and etc. for weekly waste collections from households or neighborhoods, these mini skip bins are ideal.

Skip Hire
How to Choose the Perfect Size for a Skip Hire?

While choosing a skip bin, three things are to be kept in mind and they are; 
  • The type of waste you are disposing 
  • The weight and size of the waste you are disposing 
  • The place where you will place your bin while disposing 
Firstly, try to list down all the bigger items you will discard off and then work your way down to the smaller items. While disposing of your waste, remember larger the bin you choose does not mean it is better. But while throwing your garbage you will realize that you have more waste than what you planned to dispose of, so it is better to choose one size bigger than what you want. Read through all the things that can be discarded in a skip bin before you throw your waste in it. Finally, you are supposed to make sure of where will you place your skip bin. To place it in a footpath or on a pavement which is used by the public you must first get a council permit. If you have enough space in your garden or in your driveway, you can keep the skip bin there and you do not need to worry about a permit.

So, with skip bin hire you can save time and effort and you can also keep your environment clean and prevent pollution.

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