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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Understanding The Purpose Behind Decking

We do a lot to keep our place look beautiful and give it a grandeur appearance. Decks are very common in Australia. You can find them in almost every household. Not only these increase the value of the house, but at the same time, it also gives you space where you can sit back and relax. But it becomes important that you choose the right decking material and deck builder to ensure that you get the best layout.

What a Deck is?

A deck is a wooden platform which is elevated from the normal ground level where it is made. It’s made of timber, wood, or bamboo and in some cases engineered wood. The deck is a uniform flat platform area, which offers space for hanging out, seating, standing, and many activities.

Decks are built in the open, under the open sky, outside the house or building. That’s why decks are built popularly in three places. One is a garden deck, which is built on a garden. Another is the terrace deck, which is built on the terrace above the top floor of the house. Another style is the pool decking. As the name suggests these decks are built beside a swimming pool you have in the property. All these decks styles have their advantages and many uses.

Garden Deck

Garden Deck
As the name indicates, these are usually present in the garden area. They provide a flat and covered sitting area. In addition, there are other features of the garden deck which as follows:

  • Many gardens have undulating land, or the land is not plain. To avoid uncomfortable slips and falls a deck provides for a firm platform space to walk around. A prolonged deck path is made often alongside the garden or lawn to take a walk through the entire length. Sometimes the deck is made at the side of the garden for just sitting.
  • The deck is made to provide a nice spot to sit in the open and watch the greenery and enjoy the garden view.
  • Rain water logged in the garden grass would render sitting over the grass impossible or else you would get wet. But the deck offers a clean zone to sit and stand. Also, water doesn’t stay logged over a deck and rather drains out because of the design.
All-in-all decks give you ample space in the garden to create a permanent seating. In addition, it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the garden.

Pool Deck

Pool Deck
Creating luxury seating by the poolside gives you a perfect place to sit back and relax and enjoy. The pool decks are designed using material which is resistant to water and harsh weather conditions. Pool water getting dragged out of the pool with swimmers don’t make the deck watery and wet for long as the water drains off quickly.

Terrace Deck

Terrace Deck
In case of a terrace again, the deck gives a smooth walkable and flat place on the terrace to sit and enjoy the sun. Many terraces have constructions for water heating systems, solar water heaters, solar panels, etc. Many terraces are not flat throughout and slanted. Decks in such terraces give a beautiful platform to stroll and sit. People enjoy tea and beverages on the deck on a terrace or enjoy terrace cooking and parties. This idea can be easily adopted in offices or at home. You can create a private sanctuary where people can sit back and relax. It gives you the liberty to modify the rooftop into a creative piece of architecture. You can easily spot the use of sand, wooden floorings for making rooftop decks or for terrace decking. 

The Utility Of Decking

The primary objective of having a deck is to add functionality to the space that you have. The outdoor areas, backyard, and roof are the places which are not in much use. But, with decking and a bit of experimentation, you would be able to create a staggering design and convert the available space into a utilitarian area. You can see that in all the above deck types that the primary objective of the deck is to provide a flat and aesthetically pleasing platform. Timber and ply based platforms look nice because of the natural color and appearance of timber. Moreover, the fibrous made and structurally strong built of timber makes for a very good deck which says weatherproof for many years. That’s why a deck basically increases the beauty of a place and makes the place a nice zone for hangout.

Concluding Note

Go for decks only when you have space enough to make the presence of the structure meaningfully and balanced for the eyes. Too small and narrow space may not look nice for decking. A Decking professional would help in analyzing the feasibility of this process.

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