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Friday, 13 September 2019

This Is Why Orthok Is Important

The modern life has us all heavily dependent on gadgets. Be it computers for work or mobiles to be in contact, our eyes are exposed to screens like never before. The screens of these gadgets emit harmful lights that over a period of time affect the eyesight. The blue light from the screens is especially harmful to the eyes. Such is the gravity of the problem that several gadgets have developed a blue light filter to reduce the effects.

However, the children or adults that already face the eye problems have several corrective measures to restore their sights. These measures not only help the ones that have developed problems but also the people who are born with it. One of the most famous procedures is OrthoK or Orthokeratology. This procedure may not be a permanent solution but can prove effective over a particular period of time.

What is OrthoK or Orthokeratology?


Orthokeratology is a process whereby gas permeable lenses are fit on to the patients. The patients wear them over night. The lenses, over the night, reshapes the cornea so as to enable the user to see properly the next morning. The shape of the cornea holds for a particular period of time after the lenses have been removed. This enables the user to see properly without using glasses or contact lenses. The front surface of the cornea is reshaped to properly direct the light into the eyes to obtain a clear image while seeing.

OrthoK is prescribed primarily for two purposes:
  • To correct refractive errors, primarily myopia but also astigmatism and hyperopia. Presbyopia is also cured by OrthoK in some cases.
  • To slow the progression of childhood myopia.
OrthoK lenses are also called corneal reshaping lenses or overnight contact lenses to correct or control myopia. The effects of OrthoK lenses can prevail over 2days and sometimes even beyond it. But, to get the best results, these lenses should be worn regularly at night.

The Patients For Ortho K Lenses:

Most people that have mild or moderate myopia (with or without mild astigmatism) can resort to OrthoK lenses for relief. Due to the reshaping nature of the treatment, the risks involved are minimal.
One can stop using these lenses once they are ready to go back to wearing glasses or contact lenses to aid their eyesight. Children and young adults that may be deemed too young for LASIK; or are not suitable for refractive surgeries or have other problems such as dry yes, but wishes to get rid of their glasses is an ideal category to try OrthoK. People involved in sports or those who work in a dusty environment usually cannot wear contact lenses due to the chances of scratches, are also ideal to try OrthoK.

Time Span For Maximum Orthok Effect:

The time span after which definite results can be obtained from the OrthoK process depends on various factors.

The amount of myopia or astigmatism plays a vital role in determining the time span. Some people develop excellent sights and responds quickly to the OrthoK treatment. While other may take up to two weeks or more to experience the maximum effect of OrthoK.

One may experience halos around light and glare when under the treatment of OrthoK. In some cases one may even have to continue wearing glasses even while the OrthoK process is underway. There are few cases where halos and glare are common even after maximum correction by OrthoK.

OrthoK is a process that requires minimum tampering with cornea and hence is comparatively safe. Along with the fact that its free of pain, the OrthoK process is an enticing treatment to opt fpr.

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