How to Create a Post in Blogger and Publish

Posts/contents are 'the soul" of a blog/site. We can say, 'A blog without posts is like a man without a soul". In this article, I will discuss how to create and publish a post in blogger.

After creating your blog on blogger or, before publishing the first post, you must follow the sequence which you will find here - Step by Step Blogger Tutorials.

Things you need to know before writing and publishing a post

You can't publish whatever you want on a blog/site. It doesn't mean, your freedom has been taken away. You can write freely. But, you have to remember a few things before you write something.


1. Your content must be unique. You can take ideas from other blogs/sites, but never copy any of them. Create your own content. Put your own thought on that topic. It's better if you can write from your personal experience.

2. Don't write on a niche/subject that people aren't interested in. Your blog niche/subject should be on that one which you are familiar with. If you are still not an expert on that subject, you can do a research. You can find blogs on the same subject. Get ideas and try to be expert on it. Now when you will create your own contents in your own words, it will be an awesome one.
3. Your aim should be to entertain people and help them. You may create a blog to make money. But, never think about money, when you write a post. You should be honest in this case. I want to say that you have to give your best effort to make good contents.

4. 10 unique and quality posts are much better than 100 low-quality posts. You don't need to work on 7 different posts in 7 days. Give the same amount of time in a single post. Publish 1 unique and high-quality post per week. It will be great for your blog.

5. Don't write on the adult topic. It will never help you in search engine ranking and you will never get Google Adsense approval.

These are also important in case of getting Google Adsense approval and also for SEO/blog's search engine ranking.


Another important thing is you have to add few things like labels, search description, etc in your posts before publishing it. I will discuss these later.

How to Create a Post in Blogger and Publish

First of all, go to your blog's dashboard.  Now, click on "Posts" from the left sidebar. Then, click on "New Post" button. The following page will appear.

Now, before doing anything, see the upper image. You can see the "Compose" button (red marked circle) on the upper left corner. Click on it. By doing it, you can compose just like MS word. You can write using HTML coding by clicking "HTML". But, you don't need that now. 

Next, you can see a brown underline marking "Post editing tools" tab. These options will help you to compose your post. 

Above this tab, there is an empty box. You have to provide your "Post Title" inside it. Below the tab, there is a big empty field. This is for your "Post body". Inside it, you have to compose your Post. 

Again, inside the blue circle, you can see "Post settings". Click on it. You must edit it before publishing your post.

When the above steps are done, you have to click on "Publish" (Marked as green) to publish the post. But, you should "Save" it first and click on "Preview" to know how your post would look like. It won't be published until you click on "Publish. But, by clicking "Save", you can save your post as a draft which you will find in "Posts" section of the dashboard.

Now, we will know about "Post settings"-

  • Labels- By this option, you can categorize your posts. As an example, I have categorized my all blogger tutorials in "Blogger Tutorials" category. So, in the label, I wrote this and clicked "Done". In the next post, you won't have to type it. It will show in label section automatically. You just have to click on it and then click "Done". If you need more than one category for a specific post, you have to separate labels by commas (see image above). 
    • Schedule- You can change your post publishing date and time here.
    • Permalink- It is the address/URL of your post. You may use Automatic Permalink. But, I recommended to edit it for SEO purpose. To do it click on "Custom Permalink". Type post title in the empty box. If your post title is too long, use main and meaningful words of it. In the image you can see, I removed "How to" portion from permalink. Each word must be separated by a "-".

      • Location- You should set your location here.

      Set post location in blogger
        • Search Description- One of the most important things is Search Description before publishing a post. When you write on Facebook, you just write and publish it. But, in blogging, you need to do some extra things. But, why? The reason is to get your post to the top of Google Search. It should be your main target. Search description is the first way to do that. But, what is it? This is a process to inform the search engine about which matters the post is. Write in 150 words about your post including words of the title (See image).

          Search description or meta tag in blogger

          • Options- Follow the image and change options as given.
          • Custom Robots Tags- Follow the image and change options as given.

            Custom Robots Tags in blogger

            After all these steps, you can "Publish' your post. After publishing a post, you can edit it anytime and then, click on "Update" (Publish button will turn into the Update button in this case).